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Dear City Council, <br />Visitations and picnicking on the top of the Pacific Terrace tnausoleum <br />increase in the summer days. See the picture below. <br />I totally understand that Green Hills is perfectly OK with developing the <br />cemetery the way they want because that brings the profit up for them. <br />I think the public has to understand that Green Hills takes the position <br />that it has unlimited right to develop the cemetery as it wishes, when it <br />wishes, where it wishes. I would like to know what the Council's <br />position on this is. Do we know? We don't. Why? Because the Council <br />totally dodged the issue at the last compliance review hearing by failing <br />to pass a formal Resolution containing factual "Findings" .. which the <br />Council knows cannot possibly be made without undermining the entire <br />unspoken "arrangement" between the City and Green Hills where Green <br />Hills is given carte blanche to do what it wants while the City Council <br />pretends to control the density and intensity of development. <br />We all know that without numerical caps, there can be no control on the <br />density and intensity of development. Now that those numerical caps <br />have been removed, what is the substitute? The City Council will not tell <br />the public. The City has (for the first time in August, 2018) that the <br />Master Plan is simply "advisory" and not "mandatory" on the issue of <br />where sub-area development is to occur; and the extent of the density <br />and intensity of the sub-area development to be allowed or "permitted" .. <br />I believe there has to be an adequate substitute to protect the surrounding <br />homeowners. THERE IS NONE ... and the surrounding homeowners <br />stand to be totally prejudiced and disadvantaged going forward unless <br />the City Council does its job ... so far I don't see it and that's the reason <br />I'm standing here when I have much better things to do , ...,.,.-~ <br />Thank you for your time, <br />Nadia, Vista Verde. 1 ·c t:; AGENDA ITEM:/:'i;/1 /t c 0 <"11 t?'V" <br />RECEIVED FRO~; tV~:& c{t a '] ' <br />AND MADE PART OF THE R~()R2 ~~THE <br />COUNCIL MEETING OF: 7 /t...", I 1 <br />QrFICe OF THE CITY CLERK