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10/7/18, 1 0:29 AM <br />List of Recorded Plat Maps by ... 1 I 1 X <br />Document Number Date <br />19980539225 4/2/98 <br />19980539226 4/2/98 <br />199805392 27 4/2/98 <br />. 1998053:922.$ <1/2/98 <br />19980539229 4/2/98 <br />19980539230 4/2/98 <br />19980539231 4/2/98 <br />20070S14!l0 S 4 ,. 'Ol <br />20070814806 4/5/07 <br />20070814807 4/5/07 <br />20080338732 2/27/0S <br />20080338733 2/27/08 <br />20080338734 2/1.7{08 <br />20080338'/35 2/2'7/08 <br />2C~817i0808 9/1.3/08 <br />200817 10809 9/23/0S <br />20081710810 9/23/08 <br />10081710 811 9/23/08 <br />20081710812 9/23/08 <br />20081710813 9/.23/06 <br />20081110814 9/23/08 <br />20081710815 9/23/08 <br />20081710816 9/B/08 <br />20081710817 9/23/08 <br />20081710818 9/23/08 <br />20100830528 6/17/10 <br />20100830529 6/H/10 <br />Z01.00830530 D/17/10 <br />2.010 08 30531 6/17/lO <br />20100830532 6/17/10 <br />201008305 33 6/17/10 <br />20 11 05 95214 4/25/11 <br />20120996619 7/5/12 <br />2.0120996520 7/5/12 <br />20120996621 7/5/12 <br />2/27/ll <br />3 /14 <br />20151033~99 &/21/15 <br />2015103~00 8/21/15 <br />20151 031401 8/21/15 <br />20151033402 8/21/l~ <br />20lS1033401 8/21/lS <br />20151033404 S/21/15 <br />20151033405 8/21/15 <br />20160l57449 3/31/16 <br />20160357450 3/3 1/16 <br />2016035745 1 3/31/16 <br />20160682216 6/14/lG <br />__.,.20160682217 <br />20160682218 ~' il'i <br />20160682219 6/14/16 <br />1bout:blank <br />:ntle and ~ails <br />X Pac:l fl ca Milusoleum North Court : Amend tvlap 1: Wall Crypts: renumber, re~ubdlv de <br />x Garden of Jlefle{;tions Mausol eum : variou s CrypU., trernaln N1ches <br />X Inspirati on Slope : (3 maps: narrow land r~ct<l n3le~ Map 1: add l awn p lots, family estates <br />X lni;plration Slope : Amend Map 2 of 3: add lawn plots, fa mil•,• estates <br />X Jnspiration Slope : Amend Map 3 of · :add lawn plot5, fa mily estates <br />x Valley of PeacE>, No. 4 section, add lawn Cr'vpt s <br />Park V:le w Mau.so4eum <br />ming Ltght \i'al l e·y Lawn Crypt s <br />Valley of Peace Map 6 <br />V;~nev of Peoce Map 7 <br />X Cloi~t et Mausoleum : add Terrace 2 and 3 Niches <br />X Pen il'l5ttln Garden Add ition: add Fam il y fstt<~tes <br />X faitn & Hope l awn: Prosser Monument & St Mitht'lel Sta tue ~ add cyrpts, niches <br />X Harbor Vle\v S.ecti on : add Gazebo <br />X Garden of Reflection , Amend M.ap #7: add variot!S t •(pe s of tawn Burials <br />X Garden of Ref lection, Amelld Map 118: add Family Estates <br />X Garden of R~fl ection, Amend Map 119: add Lawn Cyrpts, Family Estntc, Pr ivate Ga rden <br />X Garden of Reflectlon, Amer d Map fllO: add Lawn Cyrpts, family Estate, Private Garden <br />x Garden of Ref lection, Amend Map ti11 : add Lawn Crypts, Fam!l y Estates .. Garden :!. <br />X Garden ot .Reflection, Arnend Map #12: add vatiou!. types of Lawn Buna ls <br />X Garde rl of Re fl ectfon; Amend Map :1113 : add Fa mily Estates, Se mi-P rivate Gar dens <br />X Garden of Reflection, Amend Map 1115: add Family Estate s <br />x Gard~n ()r Re fle ction, Amend Map 1116: add Um Lots, Crypts, Family Aoom <br />X Ocean View Section : Bay View Te rra ce: Columbarium Amend Map #1: add Niches <br />X Vista de l Monte Section : Har·Sha lom: new Lawn plots <br />X TrMqu illity Terra ce Private Gardens : 3rd Addition : add Niches <br />X Oawn & Cypress 4 Mausoleums: add tawn Crypts & Family Room <br />X Pacific Garden lawn Crypts (new) (1st recorded 8 oot 'easement' from norttl b01'der) <br />X North Pacifica Mausoleum Addition: New Bld g with CrVpb and Nil::he s. <br />X Valley Of Peaa~, Patrlot Garden : Add l awn Crypts, <br />x Parxview Terrace Mausoleum: Amend Map 112 : add Niches, Urn Benches <br />x lnSQ 4r Jtion VIew : ad d !.awn cry pt . amity • tatcss <br />X St. Peters Church Yard : new LaWt') Cyfpts and Urns <br />X Arrcyo Vlsta Phase 1: new Lawn Cry pts ,Fam ily l:statfl~ <br />x Ch(lp ellliew Mausoleum jnew}: Lawn Crypt~. Fa!!Jllv Estates, Niches <br />X PKifk Ten'3"tt! Ma usole-um : (nf!w) Phase 1 : ~Q:Qf t.op la.wn s;rxpJi, Interior crypts niche$ <br />)( Pacific Tt~rrac:e Garden ~ase 2 (Mau:!ioleum) (new): Ro o_!-top l ~n !!!P <br />x Emera ld Gardens (!lew): etail Lawn Plots , Crypts <br />X Davm, Cypress 3.4. Cyp re ss, Sanct of Cross, Hope & Fa ith : <:Jdd Co lumbarium & Benc hes <br />X Garden of Ref lection ; 2od Amend Map #10 : add Um Benches <br />X Tranquillity rerrace: Prlw1t:e Gardens: 4th Add ition & Amend Map: Nfches (#7450 d ifferent) ; <br />X JnspiTatron Slope Amend: Add Mausoleum (new) j <br />.X Garden of Reflect ion 2nd Amend Map 12 : add Urn 'Berlches <br />X Garde n of Ref1ect ion 2nd Am«:!nd Map 2: add Urn Benches <br />X Garden of Reflect ions lakeside Garden : Urn Plo t s and Benches <br />X Tranquillity Terrace: Private Ga rd ens: 4th Addltion & Amend Map: Niches {#3402 different) : <br />X Gard.en of Reflectlon.s: Ar~end Maps 2,5,6.7,9,10;12: add Urn 8enc;hes <br />X lnsplratlon Siope Mausot~um: 1st Amend: add Lawn Crypts North and East <br />X tnsplrat n Slope Mausoleum: 2nd Amend : add Lawn Cl"f.pts o n Roof Toe <br />X lnsplratloo Slope Mausoleum: 3rd Amend: ildd Lawn Qypts Southwest <br />X Inspiration Slope Mausoleum: Amend: add North and West Wall Niches <br />Page 1 of 1