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+ Processing Time for ZON2003-00086 The process review procedure for <br />this application was very unorthodox. This project should not have been <br />active for the four years that it took to final decision . Significant periods of <br />time went by when no activity took place. Additionally , the project was <br />deemed incomplete on two separate occasions because of "signifi cant " <br />project scope modifications. In this situation, and given the state mandates <br />for project review (CEQA and the PSA), the applicant should have <br />withdrawn Application ZON2003-00086 or it should have been closed and <br />a new application should have been filed with the City when the applicant <br />was ready to proceed . <br />• Staff and Applicant Our review of the records did not uncover any <br />evidence of malfeasance on behalf of the Ci t y , its officials , agents or staff. <br />Staff oversights and errors appear to be unintentional. All reviewed <br />correspondence verifies that City staff remained professional , courteous <br />and respectful to all interested parties. <br />11 <br />AGENDA ITEM : Pv\a\\c Com,"tm:K <br />RECEIVED FROM : <br />~on ~ AND ADE pARTOf E RECOR 9 AT THE <br />COUNCIL MEETING OF : SJ ~~/-IDa · <br />OFFICE OF THE CITY GLE K