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Dear City Council members, <br />I'm living on the border of GH in Vista Verde complex and I'm expressing my <br />thoughts how important is to hold these compliance reviews for GH as we see <br />constantly a practice of breaking or ignoring them, bending the rules here and there <br />and hurting neighboring properties. We had recently GH staff cleaning and <br />painting the rail fence early morning, outside of the permitted hours and they were ~ <br />very, very loud, you can hear them through closed door and windows. This isiike <br />"nothing happened", and not a "big deal" but it is a violation of the CUP! <br />I wonder why we see the same practice with allowing GH to develop the open <br />areas and the rest of the cemetery the way they want, without following the rules <br />set in CUP or the Master plan. And, this is a serious issue! <br />You are the people, which have the power to control the development and make <br />sure that GH follows the rules, but it seems to me that no one cares about the <br />people in the neighboring cities. <br />Attached is the screen-shot of the relevant portions of the June 28, 2016 letter <br />limiting Green Hills' use of the roof of the Inspiration Slope Mausoleum. This <br />confirms that the permitted "uses" of the cemetery are not unlimited. They are <br />discretionary. In this case, the use of the roof of the Inspiration Slope Mausoleum <br />to inter human remains under the artificial grade installed on the roof. Something <br />which was not contemplated in the Master Plan (unlike the Mausoleums which are <br />slated for development in Area 6). <br />See the docum~P-t from June f8, 2016 (copy of the first page provided here): <br />{)9z,/P~~ ~k <b~ cf.j) tu-1-~ <br />~ cYreen Hills is acknowledging that "improvements" (i.e. development of one <br />or more sub-areas of the cemetery) which are not consistent with the Master Plan <br />have to be reviewed by the City. This means that "consistency" with the Master <br />Plan is the criteria. Development of open space "sub-areas" which are not <br />identified for development in the Master Plan therefore require a Master Plan <br />Amendment. Note also the last clause of the last sentence, which specifically <br />contemplates the need for a Master Plan Amendment where the objective and <br />desire to develop "a future phase" of the Master Plan where "the Master Plan has <br />not designated a development plan or uses". <br />See the document from June 28, 2016, page 2 (also attached here) <br />Your people count on you and trust~ you to do the right thing! <br />Nadejda Georgieva (Vista Verde owner)