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TENTATIVE AGENDAS <br />Agenda items listed below will be presented to the City Council for their consideration <br />DEPARTMENT AGENDA SECTION AGENDA TITLE ESTIMATED <br />TIME <br />June 4, 2019 6:00 PM CITY COUNCIL REGULAR MEETING - CLOSED SESSION <br />CLOSED SESSION <br />June 4, 2019 7:00 PM CITY COUNCIL REGULAR MEETING 4:00 <br />AGENCY MEETING Successor Agency Meeting (SA)0:05 <br />AGENCY MEETING Improvement Authority Meeting (IA)0:05 <br />ADMIN CONSENT CALENDAR Minutes <br />ADMIN CONSENT CALENDAR Resolutions Calling November 5, 2019, Election <br />ADMIN CONSENT CALENDAR Cancel July 2 Council meeting <br />ADMIN CONSENT CALENDAR AQMD Legislation (SB 732) <br />ADMIN CONSENT CALENDAR Extension of Prosum Inc. IT Services contract (month to month) <br />ADMIN CONSENT CALENDAR RPVTv Consultant Contract <br />PUBLIC WORKS CONSENT CALENDAR Contract Ext Telecom Law Firm re: Wireless Telecom Facilities <br />FINANCE CONSENT CALENDAR Warrant Register <br />FINANCE CONSENT CALENDAR Annual Employee Compensation Report <br />FINANCE PUBLIC HEARING Fiscal Year 19-20 Draft Budget and Capital Improvement Program 0:30 <br />ADMIN REGULAR BUSINESS EPC Appointments (2)0:10 <br />FINANCE REGULAR BUSINESS 5-year Model (Draft)0:20 <br />FINANCE REGULAR BUSINESS Draft Fee Study 0:30 <br />CDD REGULAR BUSINESS Peafowl Management Status Report 0:15 <br />CDD REGULAR BUSINESS Coyote Management Status Report 0:30 <br />PUBLIC WORKS REGULAR BUSINESS Report on Brush Clearance Program 0:20 <br />1:00 <br />5/15/2019 <br />1