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COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION FOR TRACT <br />Portuguese Bend Club East <br />4100 Palos Verdes Drive South <br />Rancho Palos Verdes, California 90275 <br />16540 ���'' °��► m� <br />Presentation to RPV City Council on September 4, 2018 <br />I am speaking to you this evening on behalf of the Homeowners of Tract 16540 <br />which adjoins Lot D. I am David Gakenheimer, Chief Financial Officer of our <br />HOA. I am joined tonight by the President of our HOA, Robert Voll. <br />The City's Planning Department wants your approval this evening to turn Lot D <br />into a restricted -access native habitat area. Tract 16540 disagrees with this plan <br />for the following two reasons. <br />The Coastal Commission recorded Lot D as a 1 -acre park years ago when <br />Ocean Trails was created allowing public access for recreational use (copy of <br />relevant recorded pages attached). It has never been a native habitat area <br />until now with the Planning Department's new plan. This change in use of Lot <br />D should not be made without a public hearing and proper coordination with <br />the Coastal Commission. Charles Posner, the Coastal Commission <br />Supervisor of Planning, responded to our concern by email dated 8/28/18 with <br />the following statement: <br />"Lot D does appear to be designated as a park, although there may <br />exist some habitat value that will have to be preserved when the formal <br />walkways and bike paths are installed and when the area is <br />landscaped with native plants. I agree that the area adjacent to the <br />homes should be considered defensible space when the landscaping <br />plan is developed, meaning that plant species should be used that <br />reduce any fire hazard and the plan should include a fuel modification <br />component that allows the area near habitable structures to be <br />selectively thinned in order to reduce fire hazard. Also, we will discuss <br />with the City any issues it may have with the park's access from the <br />adjacent neighborhood. I don't know any reason why an existing <br />public accessway would be closed." <br />Mr. Posner asked us to talk to Zack Rehm of his office, who has been <br />handling Lot D, when he returns from vacation (expected 9/5/18) to resolve <br />this misunderstanding with the recorded use of Lot D and he further <br />communicated: <br />"in any case, I can confirm that there is no proposal to change to the <br />conditions of the amended coastal development permit as they <br />currently exist. At this time our staff is working with the permittee and <br />City to comply with the conditions of the amended coastal development <br />permit." <br />A petition is attached signed by 40 Tract 16540 homeowners who wish to <br />continue to have access to Lot D through the community gate at the end of <br />PV Drive South frontage road, as they have had for more than 60 years. <br />