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PRESERVING LAND AND RESTORING HABITAT FOR THE EDUCATION AND ENJOYMENT OF ALL <br />August 7, 2018 <br />City of Rancho Palos Verdes <br />30940 Hawthorne Boulevard <br />Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275 <br />Subject: Update to the Feasibility Study to remediate the Portuguese Bend Landslide <br />Dear Honorable Mayor Brooks and City of Rancho Palos Verdes Council Members, <br />Thank you for the opportunity to provide comments and for your time in serving the community. We <br />offer the following comments to Recommended Council Action (1 ), to receive and File the Feasibility <br />Study Update Portuguese Bend Landslide Complex (Update). <br />It is stated in the feasibility study document that the identified remedy options can be implemented in <br />accordance with the City's Natural Communities Conservation Plan/Habitat Conservation Plan <br />(NCCP/HCP). While this is not inconceivable, it is not a certainty as the Update suggests. It is <br />recommended that the feasibility study acknowledge the requirement to comply with minimization <br />measures would occur with a project proposal. This includes an understanding of indirect impacts <br />and citing project locations to avoid sensitive resources. <br />The Feasibility Study Update discusses a meeting that was held in October 2017 between the City, <br />DBS&A, the PVPLC and the Wildlife Agencies. As referenced in the Update, it is wonderful that the <br />City will be developing a policy to ensure that all appropriate measures will be considered to <br />minimize potential impacts to biological resources within the Preserve. It is requested that this policy <br />be structured to include time for any needed consultants to participate in meetings with regard to the <br />feasibility or project scoping/planning so potential projects are designed in accordance with <br />minimization measures of the NCCP/HCP. The initial meeting that occurred in October was <br />preliminary, and should a project be proposed, we look forward to an opportunity to provide <br />guidance for avoidance of sensitive resources. <br />Lastly, the Update asserts that it is feasible to restore native vegetation above canyon liners. It is <br />requested that this inaccuracy be corrected. The likely inability to restore for coastal sage scrub <br />above canyon liners has been explained by native plant experts and was also confirmed by the <br />Principal Hydrologist at the most recent public workshop on June 28, 2018. <br />Thank you for your consideration of the comments provided. <br />Sincerely, <br />Andrea Vona <br />Executive Director <br />Cc: Deborah Cullen, Director of Finance <br />916 SILVER SPUR ROAD Ii 207. ROLLING HILLS ESTATES. CA 90274-3826 T 310.541.7613 WWW.PVPLC.ORG