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Your Honor the Mayor and City Council Members: <br />My wife and I attended the meeting last night to hear the details on th e so called "safety" project on <br />PVDE. We are very interested because our property is the most developed a nd will be the most <br />directly affected by the project. Some of those that were there on both sides agreed th a t our <br />landscaping was exceptional and it would be a shame to see it decimated by the 8 ff. encroachment. <br />It took us 47 years and a bit of expense to get it where i t is. That being said, allow me to point out a <br />few reasons why this project is a total waste of taxpayer money. <br />We traverse PVOE almo st every day, sometim es more than once and rarely see a horse, perhaps 2 or <br />3 a month if that. This has been going on for years . On PVON you might see 2 or 3 at the corner <br />facility for horses at PVOE and PVON but rarely do you see them riding up or down PVON. Rolling <br />Hills Country Club has built a beautiful trail for horses all along their property and since it was built we <br />have never. .. never seen a horse and rider utilize it. Thousands of dollars going to waste. And they <br />are in Rolling Hills Es tates, a horse town. or have we see more than 2 or 3 walkers. <br />We may be in the Q district but we have noticed that most new homeowners in our area and those <br />that redo their properties are opting to not have horses along with the flies and manure. They are <br />creating back yards with BBQs and outdoor kitchens and fireplaces along with the greenery. We know <br />of only 2 properties with horses, one on Headland and one on PVOE across from us and down a few <br />properties. They use to be everywhere, not now. <br />Attempting to placate us the City reps stated that this would improve property values. It will not <br />improve our property value it will do just the opposite by pushing PVDE 8 ff. closer to our home and <br />taking out several mature trees that provided a block to the heavy traffic now increased by SP <br />residents trying to avoid Western Ave. Not to mention the beauty of the lost landscape. <br />We were told by the City people that our two driveways and the brick pilasters would NOT be affected <br />by the project should it be passed by you folks. Just want to make sure that you are aware of that <br />fact. <br />We were told numerous times that the City had the right to do this project as proposed but as I stated <br />to them that does not make it right! Frankly, if you want to improve safety place a crosswalk at both <br />upper and lower Headland with Stop Signs . That will slow it up and won't cost the taxpayers over <br />$300,000 to accomplish. Don't waste it on horses that are not there and walkers who can find many <br />places in our area to walk without worrying about traffic. <br />I realize that you guys are busy and have a lot more important things to deal with than the problems of <br />one resident. However, are you prepared to spend this kind of money on a project simply because <br />you want to sell RPV as a horse community under the so-called Master Plan, when so few folks are <br />into that activity anymore? If Safety is the issue there are many low cost solutions but if horses are <br />the real issue than take a survey of how many locals will actually use the new trail. <br />Sincerely, <br />Douglas & Gail Allen <br />28345 Palos Verdes Or. E. <br />Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275 <br />AGENDA ITEM:-~--=~;;...;..... ____ _ <br />RECEIVED FROM :~ .' <br />:J>DQ6 lA:S At«~ <br />AND MADE PART OF THE RECOR[) AT THE <br />COUNCIL MEETING OF: 1['31/Je: <br />OFFICE OF THE CITY Cblil\K •