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AGENDA ITEM: <br />cEIVED FROM: <br />AND MAD PARTOF ERF-rtORPATTHE <br />COUNCIL MEETING OF: "z <br />OFFICE OF THE CITY CLERK <br />Negative Impact on IV Homes from Nature Preserve <br />1 message <br />Mr. G <> <br />Roni Long <> Tue, Apr 3, 2018 at 5:57 PM <br />To:,,,, <br />Eric.a! <br />Cc:,, Roni Long <>, <br />Dear RPV City Council members, Susan Brooks, Jerry Duhovic, Ken Dyda, <br />John Cruikshank, and Eric Algeria, <br />We are writing to each of you collectively, as a group who represent the city we reside in, Rancho Palos Verdes. Our <br />names are Gary and Roni Long and we live in the Island View Development. Our neighborhood has been negatively <br />impacted <br />since the city opened the Nature Preserve at the end of Crenshaw Blvd. The list of NEGATIVE concerns which impact our <br />residents has been growing EXPONENTIALLY as the Preserve has grown in popularity through word-of-mouth, social <br />media, news print sources, and television highlights of secret locales places for FREE recreational hiking and dirt bike <br />riding. <br />What does it feels like to live in our once tranquil close-knit neighborhood <br />today? We once were free from speeding traffic, outsiders (and I mean up to 50miles away!), TRESPASSERS, <br />neighborhood petty crime (ie.graffiti,destructive acts), littering! And I mean not just trash, raw and rotting foodstuff <br />garbage, <br />plus plenty of empty alcoholic containers, but condoms, drug paraphernalia, homeless encampment, and more! <br />Since the City started eliminating parking spaces close to the Preserve, the <br />people fight to secure a parking space to the Preserve starting at lam. We live <br />at the corner house along Crenshaw and Crest and are awakened by people parking along Crenshaw, slamming their <br />doors, and talking with loud voices <br />early mornings;(. The majority of parking spaces have been eliminated <br />closest to the entrance. Marked permitted parking spaces and handicapped <br />parking are the closest proximity. The rest of the majority of legal parking <br />spaces are from Island View entrance southward, then across the street <br />starting from St. John Fisher CHurch driveway north to beyond on Crenshaw past Crest Rd. Parking is illegal on the side <br />of the street going south past St. John Fisher all the way down to the Preserve. So more than 90% of hikers must <br />walk past IV entrance toward the FIRST visible signage marking Rattlesnake <br />Trail on the Island View wrought iron fence. People take this trail rather than <br />continuing past Del Cerro Park to the Formal Preserve Entrance area. <br />The PROBLEM is people don't stay on the city marked trail and disregard <br />the Trail Boards with rules and directions to stay to the LEFT ON PRESERVE <br />TRAIL. Instead, they are lured by the steps leading to the canyon floor on PRIVATE PROPERTY OF IVHOA. Despite the <br />large signs, lack of City <br />enforcement to cite trespassers on private property—these trespassers <br />hold exercise classes on the IV lawn outside our tennis courts, damage <br />property by installing heavy exercise fire hoses attached to our stair <br />banisters, pull heavy raking equipment along our once beautiful lawns <br />to exercise, and more. Yet when asked to leave by residents citing they <br />are trespassing on private property, BELLIGERENT, ANGRY INTIMIDATION <br />THREATS, and CONFRONTATION occur from these TRESPASSERS as <br />though they are entitled to stay and use the IV residential tennis court area, <br />passive park and steps! Fewer and fewer residents are afraid to go here <br />on our own property that we pay for because of the type of incidents <br />reported here in the past. THIS IS NOT RIGHT!! ENCROACHMENT from <br />TRESPASSERS scaring residents from usage of our own private property <br />and confrontation with them! <br />THEREFORE.... RESOLUTIONS NAMED.... <br />