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February 6 , 2018 <br />VIA EMAIL <br />Jeffrey Lewis <br />Attorney at Law <br />609 Deep Valley Dr., #200 <br />Rolling Hills Estates , CA 90274 <br />Re: Draft Unconditional Commitment <br />Dear Jeff: <br />COUN Cii.. M EETIN'l:o~E R E~O ~D!TTHE <br />OF FIC E OF THE CITY CtlR1<'-"-\IQ. <br />The City of Rancho Palos Verdes received your cease and desist letter dated October 24, <br />2017 , submitted pursuant to Govt Code Section 54960.2 of the Brown Act alleging that a certain <br />past action of the City Council violated the Brown Act and requesting that such action not be <br />repeated. While we do not agree that the acts you describe were violations of the Brown Act , we <br />agree with you generally on the requirements of the Brown Act, and are willing to make <br />unconditional commitments as to compliance with certain of the provisions contained therein. <br />We agree that on October 17, 2017 , a closed session matter was added to the regular City <br />Council Closed Session agenda to discuss a threat of litigation made by Mr. Michael Huang with <br />respect to unauthorized emails sent by then Mayor Brian Campbell for what appears to have <br />been political purposes as a part of an election campaign. In the email in question , Mr. Campbell <br />used his title as Mayor of the City without any disclaimer noting that he was speaking personally <br />as an individual , and not as an official of the City , Protocol 14 of the City's Rules of Procedure <br />requires such a disclaimer. Protocol 14 provides that a councilmember must refrain from making <br />any statement(s) which could be construed by a reasonable person as representing the position of <br />the entire Council or City without consent or approval of the entire City Council. <br />Mr. Campbell's email was sent on October 4, 2017. On Sunday October 8111 , Mr. Huang <br />responded via email to certain Councilmembers stating that he had been accused by <br />Mr. Campbell of being a "campaign operative" and of "smearing" candidates by making false <br />claims. He asked as to whether Mr. Campbell 's email represented the position of the City <br />Council/City as a whole , or was Mr. Campbell 's email reflective of his personal <br />opinion/position. He requested an answer to his inquiry by October 16 , 2017 This email was <br />then followed up with another email on Friday , October 13, 2017. This email was more emphatic <br />and more detailed and more forcefully asserted his argument, that his reputation was being