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From:Octavio Silva <br />To:CityClerk <br />Subject:FW: Comment for CC 11-08-17 - Agenda Item #2, clarification re fines <br />Date:Wednesday, November 08, 2017 5:19:02 PM <br />Attachments:image.png <br />image.png <br />Late Correspondence Item No. 2 <br /> <br />From: Tracy Burns [] <br />Sent: Wednesday, November 08, 2017 5:18 PM <br />To: Ara Mihranian <>; Octavio Silva <>; Anthony Misetich <br /> <>; Jerry Duhovic <>; Ken Dyda <br /> <>; Susan Brooks <> <br />Subject: Comment for CC 11-08-17 - Agenda Item #2, clarification re fines <br /> <br />Planning Commissioner Bob Nelson stated on Next Door that a fine from a citation had to be <br /> refunded. Is this true? <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />Bob Nelson, Palos Verdes Drive South <br /> <br />RPV Election: City Experience = Emenhiser, Cruikshank <br /> <br />Tuesday's election is 'foundational.' Two seats this time, three next. That is, we are two years from <br /> a totally new Council. We should vote carefully. We should vote for those who have served our <br /> city in positions of importance. Dave Emenhiser and John Cruikshank are the only candidates <br /> who have served all RPV in quasi-judaical positions - as members and Chairman of our Planning <br /> Commission. (Committees are 'advisory to Council' and cannot make legal binding decisions <br /> (only the Council and Planning Commission can). Experience making legal decisions is critical to <br /> RPV. We are faced with up to $100 million in non-voted debt (P3 Financing) for Ladera Linda <br /> ($10 million), City Hall - Civic Center ($30-60 million) and stopping the landslide ($30 million in <br /> the year 2000). If you, as a voter, don't think this can happen - Long Beach is doing a $500 <br /> million Civic Center using non-voted P3 funding! Next door I believe. But Dave Emenhiser was <br /> Chair of RPV Finance Advisory Committee (not 'Financeboard' as some current members and <br /> Council candidates call it), and Dave and John Cruikshank have served on our quasi-judaical <br /> Planning Commission, making foundational, future land use decisions. Vote this experience to <br /> the next level. You'll not be disappointed and you'll find two Councilmen anxious to hear your <br /> thoughts. Understand, those who say they didn't answer obvious unanswerable without <br /> additional, telling, data their 3 questions, they ain't going to get answer until then. Without that <br /> data, the smart politician doesn't answer! Vote experience - vote Emenhiser and Cruikshank.