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November 15, 2016 <br />City of Rancho Palos Verdes <br />30940 HaH'thorne Bh,,d. <br />Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275 <br />Attn: CityClerk , Te ri Takaoka Acting City Clerk <br />John RJensen and Cindy Jensen <br />21 Barkentine Rd <br />Rancho Palos Verdes CA, 90275 <br />Tax ID: 7573 010 039 <br />We protest any increase and the automatic fee structure in the EDCO contract. <br />We are on a fixed. bud.get and. are having d.\tf...c.u.lty with everything go\ng up\ Thi::. <br />contract should be rebid and if anything it should go down! As the average age in PV <br />goes up we generate less trash. <br />I am an avid gardner and use all my· kitchen scraps in my· compost. Our kids are gone! We <br />generate one small kitchen bag a week and a small amount of recycling that doesn 't get <br />recycled at the center. <br />I would like to ~top bac.kyaYd ~e'fv\c.e or c.ompletd)' ~top tYa~h ~erv\c.e all together b.p.c.-r.n~e <br />I can't see $750+ for one small bag of trash, and I don't like people I don't like nO$lP.g <br />around my backyard. <br />RECEIVED FROM -:JO\\N B.. . ..:rfu)SQJ <br />AND MAD E A PART OF TH E RECORD AT THE <br />COUNC IL MEETIN G OFJ.!_Ll_'2),.,,.1_J,..__ __ 1 <br />OFFI CE OF THE c!TYcLERK <br />'-'AEll 4 MOfilfillii Al.lii , CITY CLERK