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Silhouette Cert for 2013 lnspir ... <br />I <br />1 I 1 {]) <br />1--' "~ . <br />I\., ~ ' P/o/J ? ~ t <br />~ <br />RECEIVED <br />. MAR 0 6 2013 <br />SILHOUETTE CERTIFICATION FOR~~OMMUNITYDEVELOPMENT <br />DEPARTMENT <br />THIS . CERTIFICATION FORM MUST BE COMPLETED BY A <br />LICENSrn/REGISTERED ENGftJEER OR ARCHIT.5,,CT. THIS FORM MU~iT BEAR <br />AN ORIGINAL WET STAMP AND SIGNATURE IN ORDER TO BE VAL.ID. HllS <br />FORM MUST ALSO BE ACCOMPANIED BY A SITE PLAN THAT IDENTIFIES THE <br />L CATION OF THE SILHOUETTE POSTS, THE EXISTING GRJ.DE OR <br />SUPPORTING STRUCTURE ELEVATION CALL-OUTS AT THE BASE OF THE <br />POSTS, AND THE ELEVATION CALL-OUTS FOR THE TOP OF THE POSTS. ANY <br />MISSING INFORMATION WILL RENDER THE SUBJECT APPL.ICATION <br />"INCOMPLETE" FOR PROCESSING . <br />! ha vu mcusurcd the location and height (including the color demarcal on) of the <br />2.?.'50_4!.iJ.f>T~_f/vr;:-...L-on (cl<ito) _[.~Q.;_-;_~1 'Z ~~--~---and I hnve lou11Cl <br />.~~~~~:,;_..._.....·- <br />t\K1t the projocl silhouette <:1ccuratcly dopicts~tho location and height (includi11~1 H10 r.olor <br /><J ornarcation) of the proposed ~truc:lu·re presented on the architectural plans rrcpurefJ <br />(date} _e~Li>.~?·~-~---tor the proposed project currently being con:;idcred t;y <br />ll1 e C11y o f nancho P;:ilm:; Vordos (Planning Case No . <br />W·\f nrr.\~\Plt •n \apps\Sll.1 IOUETIE CHITEH:IA..<ioc. <br />:t...r ~. J' ' <br />O/tl. <br />_____ _). <br />RECEIVED FROM ...Sna2'-l> L .p.&\/fe <br />AND MADE A PART OF THE RECORD AT THE <br />COUNCIL MEE.TING OF_ll.fJ. .. J1""'(e..___ <br />O~E OF THE CITY CA:.f _B!<. <br />CARLA i-l1o'~~ITY-.CLER ~ <br />x