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Comments, October 4, 2016 Regular Meeting of the City Council, Agenda Item 3 <br />Rob Kautz, RPV Resident and Board Member of the PVP Land Conservancy <br />My name is Rob Kautz and I am a Board Member of the Land Conservancy <br />speaking as an RPV resident. Thank you for the opportunity to address the City <br />Council this evening. <br />For reasons mentioned by other speakers tonight, I do not support the <br />appointment of a City Council member to the Board of the Land Conservancy; <br />however, I strongly support the desire to improve the coordination of land <br />management efforts. <br />When I moved to RPV in 2011, I asked around for ways that I might <br />contribute to the community, and many people mentioned volunteering with the <br />PVP Land Conservancy. I was impressed by the pride that RPV residents had in the <br />fact that these lands have been set aside in perpetuity as open space. A common <br />refrain from long time residents was their gratitude for the Preserve being formed <br />before the entire peninsula was paved over and their memories of the open space <br />were lost forever. I have served with the Conservancy since then, and found it to be <br />one of the most passionate and dedicated non-profit groups in my experience. <br />I would like to offer one simple suggestion that I think can help to solidify <br />relations between supporters of the Preserve and the new City Council and staff. I <br />noted that the staff report for this item mentions that the 2004 City Council -adopted <br />Natural Communities Conservation Plan is still a draft and that the conservation <br />easement over the Preserve is still a future easement. <br />I realize that these documents involve multi -lateral negotiations with state <br />and federal agencies, so delays were expected back in 2004. However, these <br />documents have been relied on for authorization of all development projects in RPV <br />for more than a decade, and the documents have been negotiated down to the level <br />of typos. I think it would be an excellent show of good faith to supporters of the <br />Preserve for City Council to bring the leadership necessary to complete these <br />documents. <br />One last point that I think is very important. The passionate residents I <br />mentioned earlier have told me flat out that I am wrong when I tell them these facts <br />and they would be troubled to know the truth that some of the documents securing <br />the open space in the Preserve are incomplete. On the other hand, I have been told <br />by those in the know that the reliance of the last ten years makes this a purely <br />administrative step now, easily and understandably deferred due to the complexity <br />involved. I believe that this action will be symbolic after a decade of deferrals and <br />can be strategic for City Council's relationship to the Preserve. City Council will have <br />more credibility regarding managing the Preserve both with me and with many in <br />the community at large when you provide the leadership necessary to finish this <br />homework left over from 2004. <br />Thank you again for listening. <br />RECEIVED FROM obi <br />A4ADE APART OF THE RECORD AT THE <br />4FET!NG OF, 10 <br />`."ii;l:: to THE CITY CLERK <br />;ABL,a ALL, CITY CLERK <br />