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June 30, 2016 <br />Peninsula Verd e Residents <br />Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275 <br />, lle/J10/•r(1/ _<~l/.f.. <br />Re: Follow up to Conununity Outreach Meeting <br />Dear Neighbor, <br />REc cE1vEo FRoM~ oe rnade-tt-e LYl !zrffl< <br />AND MADE A PART OF THE F}jj.cP;jo AT THE <br />COUNCIL MEETING OF 7 /c:J ~'?-z <br />OFFICE OF THE CITY CLERK <br />CARLA MORREALE, CITY CLERK <br /><Fa/Jtrc_ 1Jr//{f)f~ <br />We would like to first thank you for taking the time to meet with us on June 11, 2016 to discuss the <br />Inspiration Slope project and allowing us the opportunity to address those concerns presented. We believe <br />with ongoing communication we should be able to maintain a relationship of respect and harmony. <br />\'<le will remain available to field phone calls or answer emails going forward. It is our recommendation you <br />might consider appointing a point of contact for the Peninsula Verde Homeowners to filter such <br />communication to Green Hills so we are efficient in responding. If there is a consensus agreeing to this <br />suggestion, please send the name and contact information via email to Tom Frew For <br />the purpose of distributing this specific le t ter it has been emailed to Bernadette Sabath with a request to share <br />it with all of you. <br />Before addressing the action plan previously promised, we want to bring to your attention the install ation of <br />lawn crypts taking place at the Soli theast corner (street level) of the mausoleum building. We anticipate <br />approximately 7-10 business days to complete this task. We continue receiving delivery of lawn crypts, slower <br />than we would like, and will begin setting them in the ground behind the building once we have accumulated <br />enough inventory. In addition, we are in th e process of building the retainihg wall at the street level per the <br />RPV permit issued. This will be an 8 week process. Once complete, the dirt pile will be backfilled as <br />described during your visit. We will then be left with the final steps of installing irrigation and sod. <br />We are receiving mixed reaction to the proposal of building a wall at the property line. We received a signed <br />petition by several residents a few months back indicating a wall should be constructed. \'<le then addressed <br />you on June 11 '" and it was confirmed the wall was desirable. At that time, we mentioned the city of RPV <br />had shared many of you were not in favor of such a project leaving Green Hills confused by these mixed <br />messages . Today, more communication from the city te ll s us the wall is not something you want and instead <br />having more vegetation planted is appealing. It is imperative for us to have clear, concise direction to ensure <br />we are meeting your wishes. At this time we will await any action on a wall, or alternative, until othe1wise <br />directed. <br />Below is a list of the concerns, item by item, you shared and what plan of action we are implementing. <br />Hopefully you will agree we are making every effort to resolve each issue and have confidence we will better <br />manage them in the future. <br />27501 SOUTH WESTERN AV ENUE * RANCHO PALOS VERDES* CALIFORN IA *90275 * (310 ) 831-0311 <br />« No f'f ~ f-Acs~ Co-t t0 t -ir ~