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So Kim <br />From: <br />Sent: <br />To: <br />Cc: <br />Subject: <br />So Kim <br />Tuesday, April 05, 2016 4:47 PM <br />Vince Reher <br />CC; PC <br />RE: Concerns about City Planning Process <br />RECE IV ED FRO M __::~..._,:~..._---1 <br />AND MADE A PART OF THE ~ECO~D AT TH E <br />CO UNC IL MEET IN G OF ti G @Q/{,q <br />OFF ICE OF THE CITY CLERK <br />CAR LA MO RRE AL E, CITY CL ERK <br />Attachments: 2007 Master Plan Excerpt.pdf; APPROVED PLANS .pdf <br />Hi Mr. Reher, <br />Thank you for your emails. Below is my response to your letter in sequential order of subject matter: <br />MAY 26TH LETIER <br />1) " ... they are activity preparing this area for rooftop burials. This is confirmed by the presence of what appears to be a <br />retaining wall on the roof instead of the railing depicted in the original plan." <br />Staff's Comments -Both the 2007 and subsequent 2013 plans were approved with a rooftop parapet area with <br />approximately 6' of fill. A 3.5' tall railing was also approved to be installed on top of the parapet wall. You are correct in <br />that the railing has not been installed on the parapet wall yet, but they will be soon. <br />2) "It is my understanding that rooftop burials on the mausoleum were not part of the 2007 Master Plan, nor are they <br />allowed by the current CUP ... " <br />Staff's Comments -The 2007 Master Plan does show rooftop burials (see attached). The current CUP allows for rooftop <br />burial requests to be reviewed administratively by the Director or the Director may refer it to the Planning Commission if <br />it's identified in the Master Plan. Otherwise, new rooftop burials would require a revision to the CUP. <br />3) "I had also heard that GH had recently submitted, then withdrew an application ... rooftop burials ... city planning staff <br />had intended to approve this permit, apparently not sharing my concern that this is a significant change that merits full <br />and formal public review." <br />Staff' Comments -GH did apply and subsequently withdrew their request for rooftop burials. Staff explained to <br />residents over the phone, in-person, and at an informal resident meeting, as well as in a recent memo to the City Council <br />that this would require public notification and it will be reviewed at a public hearing by the Planning Commission. <br />4) " ... Issue a stop work order to GH and send City employees ... contractors ... to independently ensure that all aspects of <br />the project adhere to the CUP and city building regulations." <br />Staff's Comments -There is an active building permit for the Inspiration Slope area and inspections by City Inspectors are <br />on -going to ensure compliance with the approved plans and city building regulations . <br />5) "Order GH to remove the currently installed vaults from the roof, and then replace the solid rooftop retaining wall <br />with the railing that was depicted in the original plan." <br />Staff's Comments -The issue with vaults on roof will be addressed in a separate email. Regarding the retaining wall, as <br />explained earlier, a railing was approved to be installed on top of the parapet wall. This will be installed by GH. <br />6) "Submit all future applications from GH ... notify the residents ... " <br />Staff's Comments -Residents will be notified per condition nos. lk and 2 of the adopted Resolution No. 2015 -102. <br /> <br />APRIL STH LETIER <br />7) " ... 2013 approved plans that contrasts significantly with the 2007 approved plans ... " <br />Staff's Comments -The only difference between the 2007 and 2013 was the height of the overall building fa~ade, with <br />minimal changes to the highest level of the building. I realized that the excerpt that was attached to the March 15th City <br />1