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RECEIVED FROM—So <br />AND MADE A PART OF THFj�� AT THE. <br />COUNCIL MEETING OF <br />OFFICE OF THE CITY CLERK <br />CARLA MORREALE, CITY CLERK <br />SoCalGas <br />D <br />A Sempra Energy utility <br />What is an Advanced Meter <br />Communications Device? <br />SoCalGas° is upgrading its system by adding an Advanced <br />Meter communications device to all residential and most <br />business natural gas meters. The Advanced Meter <br />communications device will read and transmit customers' <br />natural gas usage to SoCalGas. However, until our <br />communications network is fully operational, SoCalGas will <br />continue to require access to manually read the meter. Also, <br />periodic meter maintenance access is necessary in the future. <br />The Advanced Meter communications device, which will be <br />installed on the existing analog meter, is battery -powered and <br />turns on for only a fraction of a second each day – for a total <br />of less than two minutes per year. The Advanced Meter cannot <br />turn a customer's natural gas service on or off. <br />With an Advanced Meter communications device, customers <br />can view their natural gas usage online at My Account at <br /> or use the SoCalGas Mobile App when they're <br />on the go. Customers can download this application from the <br />App Stores"" for Apple° devices, and Google PlayTM for Android TM <br />devices. This usage information can be used to manage energy <br />consumption and to potentially reduce monthly costs. <br />SoCalGas is scheduled to install the Advanced Meter <br />communications device on approximately 6 million natural <br />gas meters through 2017. <br />Advanced Meter: How Does it Work? <br />Natural Gas Meter <br />Data Collector Unit <br />with Communication <br />(DCU) <br />Module <br />_% #,I <br />0O 91 <br />6 000,. <br />Hourly Reads <br />Solar A/C <br />Transmitted <br />OR <br />Powered Powered <br />Four Times a Day <br />Images are for illustrative purposes only. <br />C <br />What if I don't want an Advanced Meter? <br />SoCalGas recognizes that some customers prefer to continue <br />to have the natural gas meter read manually each month. For <br />residential customers who choose not to have an Advanced <br />Meter communications device installed, an Opt -Out Program <br />has been established. The California Public Utilities Commission <br />(CPUC) has mandated the following fee" structure for residential <br />customers who participate in the Advanced Meter Opt -Out Program: <br />For Residential Initial Fee**: $75 <br />Customers: Monthly Charge**: $10 <br />For Customers Initial Fee**: $10 <br />Enrolled in CARE*: Monthly Charge**: $5 <br />Customers who do not want an Advanced Meter installed should <br />immediately call the SoCalGas Customer Contact Center at <br />1-800-427-2200. Please note that the person whose name <br />appears on the account must be the person to call, in order to <br />enroll in the Opt -Out Program. <br />For more information about Advanced Meter, visit <br />(search "ADVANCED") or call: <br />Residential Customers: For other languages <br />English 1-800-427-2200 1-888-427-1345 <br />®aA 1-800-427-1429 Hearing Impaired (TDD) <br />�Aa 1-800-427-1420 1-800-252-0259 <br />�F�o{ 1-800-427-0471 Business Customers: <br />Tilenq D <br />i'Oi°ii A MW,1$0 <br />© 2015 Southern California Gas Company. Apple is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. <br />iet <br />1-800-427-0478 <br />English 1-800-427-2000 <br />SoCalGas Potential Ways to <br />Access Your Usage <br />Information <br />Online via Alerts <br />My Account <br />Mobile <br />Applications <br />* California Alternate Rates for Energy (CARE) provides a 20 percent bill discount for income -qualified residential customers as well as for customers participating in certain public assistance programs. <br />**Initial fee and monthly charges will be subject to applicable taxes. The billing of the monthly charge will be limited to the first three years of program enrollment. The initial fee and monthly charges <br />are specific to the gas meter at the residence. They do not transfer with the customer if the customer moves. If a customer moves and chooses to opt out again, there will be a new initial fee and <br />monthly charges. <br />App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. Android and Google Play are trademarks of Google Inc. ®Printed on recycled paper. N15C0132B 1015 SOK <br />