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RECEIVED FROM <br />AND MADE A PART F TH , ECORD AT THE <br />COUNCIL MEETING OF v°?D <br />OFFICE OF THE CITY CL RK U�nC <br />CARLA MORREALE, CITY CLERK l�j/1�j?Q <br />Resolution to Protect Citizen's Property Rights <br />The undersigned elected officials anNor community piarmers officially erwged to create plarr>irrg <br />programs for the comriirnityof tom' '`�</� �� �� 5 5 do hereby <br />agree to the following: <br />• That planning involves and affects reg<.iation of private property rights. <br />• That indimclual property ownership const hAes an asset of Lnque value, as well as the <br />fou-Idation of individual liberty for American citizens, <br />• • I Is, I I V10,•• •a tiu • 1 • • I I I - • . 1 a 0 1 a • r, 1.• • : a • r ••o.�ZIA <br />In the event that any part of the planing and zoning process or reoorrrrrerx tions resulting from <br />the process shall potentially regatively impact any property rights, property am -as or the value of <br />their private property, those affected property owners shall: <br />a) Be provided full, timely dsdosure notifying the property a -er or o+nrtm of the poter ed <br />that their private property rights may in some way be infringed or the value of their private <br />property may be thereby affected, and, <br />b) Be provided fdl disdosr re outlining the rights to be infringed upon, and <br />c) Be provided an opportunity to opt out of any rights' infringing regulation or policy. <br />010610 <br />0 •i a - .i a• • • .. • i - .•: .- • • ••� <br />Rrther, affected property owners shall be notified of the potential impairmal to their rights and <br />their individual written approval required before engaging in any of the following: <br />Finally, it is agreed that no gmeTrr>ent representatives or their assigned planning agents, will <br />come on to private property for any planning purpose without the written consertt of the owner. <br />Signed: (Elected Officials) Signed: (Planning Firm) <br />Sustainable Freedom Lab, LLC <br />