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Re: PVDS Roadside View Restoration ? <br />Page 1 of 2 <br />From: emenhiser <> <br />To: AmyS <>; MichaelT <> <br />Cc: JoeIR <>; AraM <>; thaack <thaack@destination>; dwillmore <br /><>; pvdave2011 <pvdave201 1>; sbhoa.lund <>; <br />jolaine <>; raboll <>; chuck.tucker <>; sharon <br /><sharon@horizon mgmt. com>; SeanL <> <br />Subject: Re: PVDS Roadside View Restoration ? <br />Date: Mon, Aug 3, 2015 8:32 am <br />Amy: <br />Given your previous email about coordinating with Public Works on Monday, I <br />was a bit surprised to come home on Friday to see that the cutting had begun. <br />And, from my perspective it looks make the border along the roadway look <br />worst - I would encourage you and Michael to take a look at what's been done <br />so far. <br />Amy and Michael: <br />Some thoughts and questions for you both: <br />1. 1 understand the City's right to cut the trees and scrub along its 14 foot right <br />of way, but shouldn't the goal be to also beautify PV Drive, not make those <br />areas bordering the entrance to Terranea's entrance look worst? <br />2. Isn't this the wrong season to be cutting trees? I was taught that <br />trimming/cutting in the Summer (and in the middle of the drought) had a <br />tendency to kill vegetation. <br />3. Words and labels have power, titling this project Roadside View Restoration <br />is a misnomer, no views are being restored by the City action, in fact the view <br />of chopped up trees along PV Drive South will degrade the view as seen from <br />the roadway. <br />4. Given the impact of the City's tree trimming, how can we speed up the City's <br />process of planting CA native, low height vegetation on the City's right of way <br />that will cover up the mess that the tree trimming is revealing? Per my earlier <br />email, Terranea has an interest how we can beautify the 100 yards of roadway <br />that bordered their entrance along PV Drive. <br />Please drive out to PV Drive South and take a look at wants been done so far. <br />Thanks again for your notice and my thanks in advance for your responses. <br />Dave Emenhiser, President <br />Sea Bluff HOA <br />RECEIVED FROM 4-.UV4r— rrr i <br />AND MADE A PART OFT E REC RD AT THE <br />COUNCIL MEETING OF. 07 <br />OFFICE OF THE Cl CLf RK <br />CARLA MORREALE, CITY CLERK <br /> 8/4/2015 ( <br />