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Good evening Honorable Mayor Knight, Appreciated City Council Members~ <br />I am Megan Moore, current President of Del Cerro HOA. I am representing our community of 120 <br />properties. Our HOA is a voluntary membership, but we have 93% of our residents choosing to be <br />members. <br />We have been working to provide a solution to the overcrowding and safety issue of our neighborhood <br />entrance, which is also currently the most often-used entrance to the Nature Preserve. In our survey in <br />front of you, 76% of our neighbors responded, again voluntarily. The responses were highly consistent <br />as you can see. <br />Due to those responses, we as a board have worked with staff to develop a Del Cerro neighborhood <br />permit parking plan acceptable to our residents, though we understand it is not an ideal solution as it <br />creates a bit of a headache for the residents it serves. Even though, 80% of the residents have signed <br />the petition for permit parking. <br />We hope it will be approved tonight. <br />For some reason, we have experienced a dramatic increase in crime in Del Cerro over the last 2 years- <br />burglaries, vandalism and even graffiti. Many residents feel it is a result of the increase in the number of <br />visitors to the Preserve who now have become familiar with our neighborhood. Social media is chock full <br />of free advertising for the preserve, and in January, the LA Times even ran a piece on how wonderful it <br />was to hike there, leading to a major increase in cars and visitors right at our narrow neighborhood <br />entrance. <br />The concentrated population at this small entrance has created a safety hazard for those walking, <br />driving, and parking there. We have developed several suggestions to help create a safer environment <br />for all involved, and my fellow board members will explain further, but there is one area for which we <br />have no solution and we are asking for your help. The drivers who approach the trail by car come to the <br />end of Crenshaw and often need to make a U-turn to return North on Crenshaw. <br />And there is just no safe way to do that. I can't tell you how many of us have witnessed cars colliding <br />with a U-turner, or have come close to colliding with someone. It's a very awkward intersection for <br />anything other than continuing on to Del Cerro Park, Burrell Lane, or Seacrest-it's not a place for a U- <br />turn. But people new to the area don't know that and at the last minute will turn right in front of <br />someone. <br />We agree with much of what staff has suggested as ways to ameliorate the congestion in the area, and <br />our HOA board members and residents will present what our residents believe will best serve the <br />people of Rancho Palos Verdes. <br />I've met each one of you. You work hard. I really appreciate your attention to this situation.