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RE: 29029 Sprucegrove -So vim Page 2 of 2 <br />Per your request, I forwarded your fo rn ial complaint to Ms . Julie Peterson so t hat she can <br />open a code enforcemeht case again s · 1our neighbor (29023 Sprucegrove) for th e alleged <br />non-permitted improvements in the r .r yard and interior remodel. <br />Secondly, attached is the radius/map s :abets in struction sheet that may h elp yo u achieve <br />completeness with your current appli c.i tion pending with Leza. <br />In regards to the Fence/Wall Permit p 1ding for your neighbor, I will be withdrawing his <br />application. What this means is that l will be able to build a fence or a solid wall without <br />obt aining Pl anning Division approval l to 8' in height from his side and 7' from your side, <br />even if it impairs your ocean view. B'" · cally this means no more than 8 ' from his side . This is <br />becaus e the City 's Code does not reqi e a Fence/Wall Permit if the fence or wall is located <br />where the grade differentia l between Li 1e building pads of adjacent pads of adjacent lots, <br />measured pe rp endicula r to the bou rn '·,ry between the two properties contiguous to or <br />abutting the fence, wall or hedge, is t .1 feet or less in elevation. In measuring the pad <br />elevation difference of your property \d your neighbor's this morning, it was clear that the <br />pad elevation was less than 2' In hei gi . Your picture showing the one single area where it is <br />more than 2' will not apply as the Co r says the difference between the 'building pads' has t o <br />be 2' or more. <br />-Lastly, I understand that you obtaine <br />that your neighbor has removed/reb · <br />your refe rence and will not affect th E' <br />now be withdrawn. <br />Please feel free to contact me with a1 <br />Si ncerely, <br />So Ki m <br />As s oc iate P lanne r <br />Cit y of Rancho Pal o s Verdes <br />0 (310 ) 544 -522 8 I sok @r p <br />https :// <br />surveyor as you believe that the property lin e fence <br />' i s on your property. rp_e survey will be pu r ely for <br />.m ding Fence/Wall Permit as we discussed since it will <br />concerns or additional questions. <br />611 ~02436