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s� I <br />LA-RICS <br />PATRICK J. MALLON <br />EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR <br />April 7, 2015 <br />LOS ANGELES REGIONAL INTEROPERABLE <br />COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEM AUTHORITY <br />2525 Corporate Place, Suite 100 <br />Monterey Park, California 91754 <br />Telephone: (323) 881-8291 <br />http://www. la-rics. org <br />The Honorable Jim Knight <br />30940 Hawthorne Boulevard <br />Rancho Palos Verdes, California 90275 <br />Dear Mayor Knight: <br />SENT CORRESPONDENCE BY: <br />E -MAI L <br />We were made aware today of a pending item on the City Council agenda to oppose an <br />installation of an Los Angeles Regional Interoperable Communications System Authority <br />(LA-RICS) monopole at Upper Point Vicente (Point Vicente). We respectfully request <br />that the item be continued as there appears to be a major misunderstanding with regard <br />to the construction of 70 foot —180 foot poles or towers. <br />The LA-RICS Program is proposing to replace an existing 40 foot guyed tower at <br />Point Vicente that has a broken guyed anchor support and is in need of repair. The <br />tower is dangerous to climb and maintain and needs to be replaced. Through the Land <br />Mobile Radio (LMR) Project the faulty tower can be replaced with a modern steel <br />tower. The facility will be upgraded to modern standards and will be operationally safe <br />to maintain. As part of this implementation there are two other towers that can be <br />removed from service if this new tower is installed. LA -RIGS has been in contact with <br />the land -owner, the Coast Guard, and they are in favor of this plan. <br />There are distinct advantages to replace the tower: <br />1. It will be safe for installation and maintenance programs. <br />2. It will reduce the number of tower poles currently operating at the site and reduce <br />clutter at the site. <br />3. It replaces an alternate site initially proposed at Rancho Palos Verdes City Hall <br />site. <br />4. The mountain top facility provides public safety radio coverage throughout the <br />Rancho Palo Verdes area and Catalina Island. <br />5. It provides the Public Safety community a redundant microwave ring that will <br />protect the public safety system against multiple radio system failures. <br />