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TO: <br />FROM: <br />DATE: <br />SUBJECT: <br />CITY OF RANCHO PALOS VERDES <br />HONORABLE MAYOR & CITY COUNCIL MEMBERS <br />CITY CLERK <br />SEPTEMBER 2, 2014 <br />ADDITIONS/REVISIONS AND AMENDMENTS TO <br />AGENDA** <br />Attached are revisions/additions and/or amendments to the agenda material presented <br />for tonight's meeting: <br />Item No. <br />Closed Session <br />c <br />F <br />J <br />1 <br />3 <br />4 <br />Carla Morreale <br />Description of Material <br />Emails from: Matt Martin, Jim Gordon <br />Email from Sunshine <br />Emails from: Lynn Swank; Sunshine <br />Email from Public Works Director Throne -Update to the <br />Capital Improvement Program <br />Emails from: Sunshine; Madeline Ryan <br />Emails from: Sunshine; Lenee Bilski; Sharon Yarber; Jabe <br />Kahnke; Mike and Louise Shipman <br />Letter from Diane Smith <br />**PLEASE NOTE: Materials attached after the color page(s) were submitted <br />through Monday, August 18, 2014**. <br />W:\AGENDA\2014 Additions Revisions to agendas\20140819 additions revisions to agenda.doc