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RECEIVED FROM n <br />AND MADE A PART OFT E RECORD A <br />T Tf <br />COUNCIL MEETING OF�(.�- 5f- c <br />OFFICE OF THE CITY CLERK <br />Below is RPV City Code for Issuing a CUP: CARLA MORREALE, CITY CLERK <br />17.60.050 Findings and conditions. <br />A. <br />The planning commission, may grant a conditional use permit, only if it finds. <br />1. That the site is adequate in size and shape to accommodate the proposed use and for all of the <br />yards, setbacks, walls, fences, landscaping and other features required by this title or by conditions <br />imposed under this section to integrate said use with those on adjacent land and within the <br />neighborhood; <br />2. That the site for the proposed use relates to streets and highways sufficient to carry the type and quantity o <br />traffic generated by the subject use; <br />3. That, in approving the subject use at the specific location, there will be no significant adverse effect <br />on adjacent property or the permitted use thereof; <br />4. That the proposed use is not contrary to the general plan; <br />5. That, if the site of the proposed use is within any of the overlay control districts established by Chapter <br />17.40 (Overlay Control Districts) of this title, the proposed use complies with all applicable requirements of <br />that chapter; and <br />6. That conditions regarding any of the requirements listed in this paragraph, which the planning <br />commission finds to be necessary to protect the health, safety and general welfare, have been <br />imposed: <br />a. Setbacks and buffers; <br />b. Fences or walls; <br />c. Lighting; <br />d. Vehicular ingress and egress; <br />e. Noise, vibration, odors and similar emissions; <br />f. Landscaping; <br />g. Maintenance of structures, grounds or signs; <br />h. Service roads or alleys; and <br />i. Such other conditions as will make possible development of the city in an orderly and efficient <br />manner and in conformity with the intent and purposes set forth in this title. <br />B. <br />Conditional use permits may be granted for such period of time and upon such conditions and limitations as <br />may be required to protect the health, safety and general welfare. Such conditions shall take precedence over <br />development standards otherwise required by the underlying zoning of the subject site. <br />C. <br />For multiple use developments under a conditional use permit, where the uses permitted in the development <br />are specified in the conditional use permit resolution, the uses permitted in the zoning district shall not apply <br />unless such uses are among those permitted by the conditional use permit. <br />D. <br />When deemed desirable, the planning commission may add conditions requiring future review or updating of <br />maintenance, development plans and activities. <br />E. <br />Any change which substantially intensifies occupancy or land coverage on the site shall require an amendment <br />to the conditional use permit pursuant to the amendment procedures set forth in Chapter 17.78(Miscellaneous) <br />of this title. <br />F. <br />When required, the findings, recommendations and notices thereof shall be filed in conformity with the <br />provisions set forth in Section 17.60.050 of this chapter. <br />The following statements were made in the 2/27/07 Staff Report in regard to the Master Plan <br />Revision's Compliance with this code: <br />Section (A)1: <br />"With approval of the original Master Plan, adequate setbacks for mausoleum buildings and ground <br />interments were established. These setbacks will not be modified or reduced with the additional <br />mausoleum buildings. The additional buildings requested through the revision include additions to the <br />already approved buildings, thereby making them larger buildings. However, they will continue to be <br />located with sufficient setback within the cemetery site, rather than along its perimeter." <br />"Thus, the setbacks and heights of all proposed improvements will be consistent with the requirements <br />established by the prior Master Plan as approved through Resolution No. 91-7 (attached), and the <br />