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TO: Rancho Plos Verdes City Council <br />FROM:Robert A.Nelson <br />SUBJECT: Coastal Commission Hearing 7/9 on Trump National Flag Pole to Reduce Height <br />Date: July 4, 2014 <br />Coastal Commission: Item W12a, July 9, 2014 <br />TRUMP NATIONAL GOLF COURSE FLAG POLE AND OTHERS FOR COMPARISION <br />·• ~I' <br />TRUM P NATIONAL : FLAG POLE FROM ACROSS PVDS <br />STAND ING· NO T ELEPHOTO 7/3/14 14 :30 HRS <br />TRUMP FLAG FROM PRIME VIEW AREA <br />ACROSS PVDS ON NAUTILUS: NO TELE <br />RPV'S GOLDEN COVE <br />FLAGPOLE AND FLAG <br />7/3/2014@17.10 <br />NOTE SIZE vs. CAR & LAMPPOST <br />RPV'S GOLDEN COVE SHOPPING CENTER <br />FLAG 7/3/14 @1300 HRS. NOTE SIZE OF <br />LAMPPOST AT BASE OF POLE. <br />RE CEIVED FROM ?g \') Ne\sen <br />AND MADE A PART OF THE RECOR D AT THE <br />CO UNCIL MEETING OF 7/ it! I f <br />OFFICE OF THE CITY CLERK~ <br />CARLA MORREALE , CITY CLERK