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Mayor Duhovic and Members of the City Council, <br />First, I have to say that I am really very pleased with the effort, the integrity, and the <br />commitment of the VTW volunteers. As you know, our role <br />is to observe, report, and educate and the volunteers do a fine job. But we need help <br />with enforcement. Rangers are very good for education, but they can be reluctant to <br />give citations. I worry about the demands on our restoration efforts and costs incurred. <br />I'd like to see greater sensitivity for our Preserve especially with the drought conditions <br />we are currently facing. <br />As part of my research for the VTW program, I found a number of county parks & <br />preserves that utilize their local or county Sheriff's and CHP to help enforce preserve <br />rules. They report good results and strong learning curves. For our Preserve, the Lomita <br />Sheriffs are local and do not have to commute from Santa Clarita, Azuza, and <br />Calabasas. So that proximity would help the communication between the volunteers <br />and the Sheriff's Deputies if an issue arises. <br />I would like to suggest that we periodically call in our fine Lomita Sheriff Department for <br />more effective enforcement, and perhaps during those times, reduce the Ranger <br />services to help with the costs. Have a concentrated police presence for 3 to 4 weeks, <br />then return as things escalate again. <br />I see the Rangers will also be patrolling by horseback. This is helpful, as we have seen <br />that the VTW equestrians clearly have an advantage due to their observation height and <br />ability to get to a location more quickly. Visitors are attracted to the horses and take <br />selfies with the horse. Juana Lamb and her posse are on the Preserve, but like the VTW <br />volunteers, the posse cannot cite those who are not respecting the preserve rules. <br />BTW, we need Juana's observations to be submitted- time of day and day of week. <br />To wrap up, the habitat, signage, & our safety are pleading for better enforcement. <br />FYI, I have a list of agencies that utilize local sheriffs, county sheriffs, CHP. East Bay <br />Regional Park District is so large, they even have their own police force and helicopter. <br />Barbara Ailor <br />Volunteer, Volunteer Trail Watch Coordinator FAD <br />ED FROM <br />ADE A PART OF TME ECORD <br />1052 Via Palestra IL MEETING OF <br />Palos Verdes Estates, CA 90274 <br />