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CITY COUNCIL POLICY (Proposed) <br />NUMBER: <br />DATE ADOPTED/AMENDED: 4/15/2014 <br />SUBJECT: CITY COUNCIL MEMBER REQUESTS TO REVIEW ATTORNEY-CLIENT <br />PRIVILEGED COMMUNICATIONS <br />Z01_gwa <br />The purpose of this policy is to protect confidential communications between the City <br />and its attorneys, while making such records available for review by a City Council <br />Member in the performance of his or her duties. <br />A. Requests to Review Attorney -Client Privileged Confidential <br />Communications. <br />1. A Member of the City Council may make a request to the City or to the <br />City Attorney's Office to review written confidential communications that are within the <br />scope of the City's attorney-client privilege, in connection with the performance of his or <br />her duties as a Council Member. <br />2. Such request is not a Public Records Act request, and the Council <br />Member shall maintain as confidential the confidential communications and the <br />information contained therein, and shall not disclose them to unauthorized persons, as <br />defined below <br />3. In the interest of fiscal responsibility and staff efficiency, a request to <br />review such records shall reasonably describe an identifiable record or records either by <br />topic or timeframe or both. The City Attorney and City Staff shall keep a record of the <br />time that is spent in responding to requests from Council Members for confidential <br />communications. , <br />FeseuF,Ges, eF (2) sensitive legal matters, may be FefeFFed by the Gity MaRageF GF the <br />4. If a Council Member requests a copy of a confidential communication <br />inferrnatier�, paper documents may be provided in paper form for review by the City <br />Council Member at City Hall during the City's normal business hours. Electronic <br />records shall be provided electronically for review by the Council Member on a City - <br />owned computer at City Hall during the City's normal business hours. Alternatively, if <br />the City Council Member cannot review documents during the City's normal business <br />hours, the City Council Member may schedule a date and time to meet with the City <br />Attorney to review the documents. No photograph, copy (electronic, paper or <br />CEIVED FROM <br />D MADE A PART OF �;�r <br />RF OR A <br />,UNCIL MEETING OF <br />OFFICE OF THE CITY CLERK <br />CARLA MORREALE, CITY CLERK <br />