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Risk Management Pl an (RMP) Da ta for Bums tead Rai l Facility, extende .. http :// p&datype=T&detm1=3& ... Ri sk Management Plan (RMP) Data for Bumstead Rai l Fucil ity, ex1e nde .. http ://data .rtkn'!database=-rmp&da1ype=T &detai1 =3& .. <br />1 of9 <br />Bumstead Rail Facili <br />Faclllty #1 : Bumstead Rall Faclllty <br />Basic Facility Info <br />FaclHty ID <br />Oeregtstered (Yes/No) <br />Facility Name <br />Street Address Line 1 <br />City <br />State <br />Zip Code <br />County <br />100000170254 <br />No <br />Bumstead Rall Facility <br />14702 W. Olive Avenue <br />Waddel <br />AZ <br />85355 <br />Maricopa County <br />!13th Congressional District AZOS : Arizona 8 <br />Owner or Operator Name <br />Parent Company <br />Second Parent Company <br />Latitude 33.566111 <br />Longitude -112.376667 <br />Search Criteria Used (M..D.r..I:.) <br />Level of Detall Extended GO <br />Type of Report Output Text (HTM L) GO <br />butane are received vta ra1lcar and stored in pressure tanks (three (3) 60,000 gallon tanks Pro ane and butane which is transfered b <br />I elme to the cavarn faclli . Propane and butane are the only substances e ulated under the Risk an emen Pi o ra .B.M£.l..1.b.fil are <br />present at the Bumstead Terminal 1n amounts above threshol gua 1l Ethyl mercaptan ls stored at the terminal; however, the amount <br />stored Is below threshold quantity. The termi nal is classified as Program Level 3 under the re gulation . There are two processes at the facil!ty - <br />LPG Storage Terminal and Rail storage/loading & unloadlng area. The rail storage area has a capacity of 110 rai lcars, with each railcar having a <br />capacity of 30,000 gallons. There ls 30 ca r caplclty Inside the facility and 80 cars storage ca plclty outside the fence on lease track. <br />Accidental Re!ease Prevention and E~ <br />~ Response Policies <br />The accidental release prevention and emergency response programs In place at the termina l are part of the high sta ndards striven for by <br />Plains. These high standards Include : <br />Operfil!nQ in comp liance with reguired environmental permits an~u!alions <br />Operating and ma intaining the assets in such a manner that unintentional releases are minimized. <br />Operating and ma intaining assets in such a manner that the small releases associated with normal operation and maintenance will be <br />minimized to the extent possible. <br />Number of RMP Submission s Corre~ non-comQhance found durin re ular audits of the terminal. <br />Most Recent Submission Info (.) <br />RMP ID <br />Submission Type <br />Submission Date <br />Reason For Submission <br />Process Tox ic Amount To tal (tbs) <br />Process Flammable Amount Total (lbs) <br />Process Amount Total (lbs) <br />Number of Potential Offsite Consequence Processes <br />Po tentlal Offslte Consequence To xic Amount Total (l bs) <br />Potentlal Offslte Consequence Flammable Amount Total (lbs ) <br />Potential Offsite Consequence Amount Total (lbs) <br />All Process NAICS <br />Exec Summary Submission Date <br />1000025836 <br />revised submission for fac1l1t <br />04/02/2012 <br />Voluntary uQdate (not described by any of the above reasons) <br />0 <br />15,678,000 <br />15,678,000 <br />42471 <br />04/02/2012 <br />15,678,000 <br />15,678,000 <br />Executive Summary !J (Fadlty #1 : Bumstead Rall Facility, e><ecutlve summary: all) <br />Executive Summary <br />Bumstead Storage and Ra il Facility <br />Introduction and Policies <br />Plains LPG Se ces L ("Plalns"), Is committed to managing a ll o eratlons In a manner that rotects the environment and the hea lth and <br />sa fety of employees, customers, contractors and the public while full','. compl'ilfl9 with aQplicable laws and e ulat1on Plalns management <br />philosophy goals are achieved through the i mplementation of the environmental, health and safety management systems, by the personal <br />commitments of employees and contractors, and by o pen communication w ith employees, customers, ne ighbors, and regulators . <br />The purpose of this Risk Management Plan (RMPlan) Is to provide Information about operations at the terminal, programs to prevent accldent al <br />chemlcal re leases, emergency response plans In the event an accidental release should occur, t he five-year accident history of the terminal, <br />and planned changes to improve safety at the terminal. <br />Stationary Source and Regulated Substance <br />At the terminal, pro ~ and <br />3/3/201 4 1:20 AM2 of9 <br />Prevention Program <br />The Bumstead Storage Terminal Is operating under t he guidelines of the Occupational Safety and Hea lth Administration (OS HA ) Process Safety <br />Management (PSM) Program. Anatysls of the potential hazards of the process, train ing of employees, and empha sis on safety has helped avoid <br />any se ri ous chemical release accidents since Plains purchased the termina l. Part of this program has also Involved Identifying and taking steps <br />to avoid potent!al accldental chemical releases. <br />Five-Year Acc ident History <br />No Incident resultlng in onslte Injurie s, death or property damage or offslte Impacts from a propane or butane release has occurred at the <br />Bumstead Storage Terminal since Pla ins purchased the terminal or was reported under p revious ownership and operation within the last five <br />years. <br />Emergency Response Program <br />The t erminal has developed an emergency response plan, which will be coordina ted with local emergency response groups such as the Luke <br />Air Force Fire Department. Also Involved In emergency res ponse for the terminal would be the M~a LEPC Arizona State Police, and the <br />Arizona Car oration Commission. The terminal operat or is responsible for coordinating the not1 f 1cat1ons required to m1 t 1ate an emruen v. <br />response. The E m.grg~ Response Plan provides the essen t ial ptanB.J..D.9 for effect1ve lv. prot~ workers., t he ~ <br />d the environment during emergency si tuations. <br />Planned Changes to Improve Safety <br />Compliance wi th the RMP Prevention Program coupled with the enviro nmental , health and safety management systems, forms the framework <br />for con tinuous sa fety improvement. Some of the key components of the safety program are : <br />The Management o f Change provisions ensu re that the potential safety and hea lth Impacts of any change made to process chemlcals, <br />technology, equipment or procedures are considered. <br />The Process Haza rd Analysis (PHA ) provisions serve as a tool to ensure timely evaluatlon of potential hazards, thereby leading to con t inual <br />improvements In safety standards. <br />The Mechanical Integrity provisions ensure that process equipment and Instrumentation are designed, co nstructed, installed and maintained to <br />3/3/20 14 1:20 AM