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RPV Residents for Fair Elections <br />My name is Carol Moeller, my husband and I have owned a home in RPV <br />since 1976, and I am here to urge the RPV City Council to join the more <br />than 500 US cities and other jurisdictions that have passed resolutions <br />urging the US Congress to amend the Constitution so as to allow federal, <br />state, and local governments to regulate spending on elections. I know I am <br />not alone in believing that excessive funds are now being spent to influence <br />election outcomes. <br />With simply a sign at our Peninsula's Farmers' Market, roughly 100 RPV <br />resident!? asked to sign our petition urging the RPV City Council to pass such <br />a resolution. Although I realize that the shoppers there represent a small <br />number of the total RPV population, these people took the time to actually <br />approach us. This leads me to believe that this is an important issue for <br />many more of our voters. <br />As far as I can recollect, large spending has only occurred so far with respect <br />to land use and Marymount College, but as the law now stands, there is <br />nothing to prevent unions, corporations, or wealthy individuals from <br />spending large amounts of money on the election of council candidates or on <br />ballot measures. As a result of the Citizen's United decision, the RPV City <br />Council now has no power to regulate independent election expenditures by <br />individuals or groups, whether they have interests inside our city or not. <br />You all have received sample resolutions earlier, and today I left copies of <br />our signed petition with our city clerk. I urge you, and those signatory RPV <br />voices urge you, to take action. <br />Thank you