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JANICE HAHN <br />44TH DISTRICT, CALIFORNIA <br />COMMITTEES: <br />TRANSPORTATION AND <br />INFRASTRUCTURE <br />SMALL BUSINESS <br />PORTS CAUCUS <br />FOUNDER AND Co-Cl·IAIR <br />SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA REGIONAL WHIP <br />GUN VIOLENCE PREVENTION TASK FORCE <br />ctrongrrss of tbe Winitdl ~tates <br />T!)ou%e of l\epresentatibe% <br />wmta~bington, iIDQC: 20515-0544 <br />The Honorable Jared Blumenfeld <br />Regional Administrator <br />U.S. Environmental Protection Agency <br />75 Hawthorne St. (OPA-3) <br />San Francisco, CA 94105 <br />Dear Administrator Blumenfeld, <br />July 10, 2013 <br />\f\18SH!tlGLQ1':L0£flCE: <br />404 CANNON HOUSE OFFICE BUILDING <br />WASHINGTON, DC 20515 <br />(202) 225-8220 <br />FAX: (202) 226--7290 <br />Q!SJBJCJ. OfFlcE: <br />140 W. 6rn SrnEET <br />SAN Prn1w. CA 90731 <br />(310) 831-1799 <br />FAX: (310) 831--1885 <br />HTIP:llHAHN.HOUSE.GOV <br />As you are aware, I am deeply coricemed with the safety of members of my community who live, <br />work, and send their children to school in the shadow of the Rancho LPG Facility in San Pedro. I <br />greatly appreciated your taking the time to come to my district office last year to hear directly from <br />community leaders who expressed t~eir continuing concern about the safety of the site. <br />In March 2013, the EPA issued a "N_otification of Potential Enforcement Action for Violation of <br />Section l 12(r) (7) of the Clean Air Act" to the Rancho Facility and Rancho was given until April 15, <br />2013 to respond. I was gratified to see the EPA pursuing the safety concerns of my constituents so <br />forthrightly, and I want to thank you again for your vigilance. <br />I understand that the EPA wants to schedule a meeting with Rancho LLP to address their response in <br />··August. The community is eager to see this matter resolved as quickly as possible, and so I write to <br />request that the meeting be held this month. <br />I continue to believe that the relocation of these tanks is the only permanent solution to the threat posed <br />by the Rancho facility. Until we achieve that, however, I know the community would appreciate a <br />repo1t as soon as possible about the steps EPA is taking to aggressively confront and correct any and <br />all possible violations at the facility. <br />Thank you for attention to this matter. If you have any questions, please call my District Director, <br />Elise Swanson at (310) 831-1799. <br />Sincerely, <br />nice Hahn <br />ember of Congress <br />CC: Councilmember Joe Buscaino, Los Angeles City Council <br />Mayor Susan Brooks, City of Rancho Palos Verdes