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5/21113 Pohl.ttaIeMa I Aucldand DailyPhoto <br />Auckland Daily Photo <br />A daily image from the aty of Sails <br />Search for: <br />Home About Contact Galleries Downtown Interactive <br />LPK Photography <br />Pohutakawa <br />Posted on December 25,2008 by Lachezar 8 Comments <br />o <br />No Kiwi Christmas can be complete without a Pohutakawa on the beach. <br />Dubbed the New Zealand Christmas tree,this one captured at Snels beach. <br />,'P',and,..,if you like my photographs -buy me a coffee!Click here... <br />'p~••.-' <br />8 Comments <br />ben <br />December 25,2008 <br />RECEIVED FROM M'I ..D ATTHE,*J~et 0 <br />AND MADE A PART OF THE R~C1r ~/3 ... <br />COUNCIL MEETING OF "JYWI / <br />OFFICE OF THE CITY CLERK ~#=-I <br />CARLA MORREALE.CITY CLERK <br />o <br />WIMN,aucldanddail}f)hoto,c0m'2008/121251pohutakawa1 1/3