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City Hall East <br />200 N.Main Street <br />Room 800 <br />Los Angeles,CA 90012 <br />(213)978-8100 Tel <br />(213)978-8312 Fax <br /> <br />www.Iacity.orgiatty <br />AND MADE A PART OFltHE RECORD AT THE <br />COUNCIL MEETING OF~02?M/~ <br />OFFICE OF THE C Y CLERK <br />CARLA MORREALE,CITY CLERK <br />RECEIVED FROM AnA .."III'•September 22,2011 <br />Mr.Anthony G.Patchett,Esq. <br />Law Offices of Anthony G.Patchett <br />P.O.Box 5232 <br />Glendale,California 91221-1099 <br />Thank you for your letters expressing various concerns regarding the Rancho,LPG facility <br />located in San Pedro (hereinafter "Rancho Facility").To summarize your primary issues,you have <br />requested that this Office seek an injunction in Superior Court against this privately~owned Facility, <br />as well as raised questions relating to the City's previous environmental review of the Facility and <br />related pipelines.Separately,you sent a letter to the President of the Los Angeles Board of Harbor <br />Commissioners,who has forwarded it to this Office for response.Lastly,you recently alleged that <br />there is a conflict of interest in the Office of the Los Angeles City Attorney that purportedly would <br />preclude this Office from further reviewing these matters.I respond to all of these issues below, <br />after a brief discussion of the relevant background facts,as I currently understand them. <br />Obviously,City Attorney Carmen Trutanich takes any allegations of potential threats to public <br />safety very seriously.As a former environmental crimes prosecutor,and current City Attorney, <br />who has successfully prosecuted,and continues to prosecute,environmental violations and <br />polluters,City Attorney Trutanich is fully committed to undertake every effort within the power and <br />authority of his Office and the law to investigate,prosecute,abate and remediate any actual or <br />potential threats to the residents of this City.'With that commitment in mind,on Friday,August 26, <br />2011,the City Attorney personally visited and toured the Rancho Facility over the course of three <br />hours to inspect and review its operations.Drawing upon his decades of environmental and <br />regulatory experience,the City Attorney directly questioned the Facility's operators regarding any <br />potential threats to public safety,including those raised in both your letters and from others in the <br />community. <br />I As you are aware,1 have also served as a local,state and federal environmental crimes and workplace safety <br />prosecutor for nearly 25 years,and once served as Assistant Secretary for Law Enforcement and General Counsel for <br />the California Environmental Protection Agency ("Cal/EPA").