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ITEM 4.San Ramon Canyon Stabilization Project -Financing Alternatives (3 <br />Min) <br />Safety is always a higher priority than any other project.San Ramon Canyon <br />is a higher pl"iority than "Millions of dollars of updates and replacements for <br />existing City buildings"and "More than $5 million of pal'k improvements'.I <br />was under the impl'ession that the council had directed staff to discontinue <br />efforts on public buildings ie.City Hall replacement yet it seems staff <br />continues to pursue this "stopped"pl·oject.I'm sure the residents can <br />appreciate the San Ramon UI"gency and forgo for the time being any Park <br />enhancements. <br />Although the l"Oadway projects and other storm drain projects are important, <br />they are not as UJ'gent as San Ramon. <br />Should debt financing be the only altemative,I'm sure the residents would <br />support San Ramon before any City Hall or Park improvements given the <br />ehoice. <br />I urge the council to focus on real urgent needs I'athel"than desil·es. <br />ITEM 7.Consideration of Performance Audit Proposals <br />How is this audit any different than the recent Management Partners effort? <br />It was also conducted with interviews of staff and has yet to be completely <br />implemented.FOI'example -The six sigma program lavishes in never -never <br />land.The new process relies on staff interviews just as the pl'evious effort. <br />Do you expect any changes from Management Partners I"ecommendations? <br />How often does the city need to spend tax dollal's on studies?Thyer are more <br />important campaign promises that need attention.Let's get on with the city's <br />real business. <br />Ken Dyda <br />RECEIVED FROM 1M,(\' <br />AND MADE A PART OF THE REC RD AT THE <br />COUNCIL MEETING OF;ru,I~11,'2.01')' <br />OFFICE OF THE CITY CLERK ~ <br />CARLA MORREALE,CITY CLERK