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PETITION TO HAVE <br />FROM BANK <br />THE CITY OF RPV MOVE ITS MONEY <br />OF AMERICA TO A SMALLER BANK: <br />NAME <br />SIGNATURE <br />STREET ADDRESS RPV <br />Z IOC clb Z-7- <br />fk�m ry -2-0 <br />0-) Z'0 V, �0 <br />6f <br />KD, <br />-r/1.,4 10145 <br />zSTWSpQU«62aU-6 <br />Lilly 41 <br />"c�r`Qovr�C1 <br />Z Ow S, V1�fPftvA;�0�k`TZS <br />C'� V -,g <br />5(A <br />`j <br />U1J� F <br />70 OC c.�� Psb <br />G <br />� �� <br />�Re <br />a C'r'e d <br />1 is-�5,� <br />2y�11r,�,,� ��4vgL <br />6 e T.614-1 A -e 0e ov <br />SIGNATURES <br />COLLECTED BY OCCUPY <br />PV <br />'0 1 <br />iE <br />LU <br />t Y <br />Q <br />its <br />W <br />F <br />LL LL = 1 <br />oox <br />ac' z O a <br />oar <br />LL Q W <br />o O U. <br />0 <br />�. <br />> Q U V <br />J <br />m <br />10 <br />