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~""'"I,n" <br />CO ,.,~IL RULES AND PROCEDURES for 3/20/11",.<~nda..(..", <br />(Refer to the Rules and Procedures attachment to the Council agenda for 3/20/12 for the content <br />of the paragraphs referenced below.) <br />Preamble Line 6 ...change from to form of Gov ... <br />P 2.2 line 2 change s/he to she/he <br />P 3.2 on Paragraph beginning "No work session....Agenda posting 72 hours before a meeting <br />means it can be posted on a weekend.No real time for public review.Agendas should be posted <br />on the city's web site at the same time they are distributed to the council.Move incomplete <br />agenda items to the next day at a city facility with TV recording.All meetings be held at a city <br />facility with TV coverage. <br />P 3.4 Again 24 not adequate notice.See P3.2 above. <br />P 5 The mayor has the primary authority and responsibility for the agenda,.As such the mayor, <br />with input from council members and in consultation with the city manager and city attorney, <br />determines which items will be on the agenda.The mayor should take into account the urgency <br />of the item,the timeliness of the item the legal requirement for the item and the time duration set <br />for the council meeting.THEREFORE: <br />The Mayor,or if the Mayor is not available,the Mayor Pro Tem establishes the agenda which <br />includes the order and priority of agenda items and the estimates of the time that should be <br />required for the City Council to review,consider and take action regarding each agenda item. <br />The citv manager then prepares and publishes the agenda.All other members of the City <br />Council shall be made aware of tentative agendas for upcoming meetings on a weekly basis. <br />Care must be exercised so that the items that will be addressed on each Council agenda can be <br />completed within the designated four-hour time limit for City Council meetings.The City Staff <br />shall strive to provide staff reports to the City Council with <br />sound,professional,unbiased recommendations on a course of action for all City issues,to the <br />maximum extent practical,along with pertinent facts and analysis to enable the City Council to <br />make an informed decision. <br />An individual Councilmember may request the mayor,at any time,that an item of concern be <br />placed on a future agenda.If the Mayor after consulting with the City Manager and,if <br />necessary,with the city attorney decline~to place the requested item on an upcoming Council <br />Agenda,the Councilmember may make the request directly to the City Council at a City <br />Comlcil meeting under the business item entitled "Future Agenda Items"and shall,as a <br />courtesy,notify the Mayor in advance.Should the mayor decline adding the item,then the <br />member can move to have the item and getting a majority vote of the council the mayor's <br />decision is overridden.The City Council also may specify the meeting agenda upon which the <br />item shall be placed.All agenda itemS shall be accompanied by a report from the council <br />member in support of the position or by staff.If a Councilmember prepares a report for an <br />agenda item,it shall be submitted to the City Manager in time for it to be published as part of the <br />agenda and appear on the city's web site <br />P 5.3 Post agenda on web at the same time the council gets it. <br />,-r~J1A #3p.6.1.2 (f)May limit the time for each speaker but no limit the number of speakers.-PI 0 f'- <br />~---:'-t?'"",'=Fi::'-;-;t-;,;---') <br />RECEIVED FROM-I:.~:.u~:tO:WC:;;;;;__1 <br />AND MADE A PART OF THE R CORD AT THE <br />COUNCIL MEETING OF 1 <br />OFFICE OF THE CITY CLERK <br />CARLA MORREALE,CITY CLERK