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Sepp Donahower <br />1621 W. 25th Street # 257 <br />San Pedro, Ca 90732 <br />(310) 986-4321 <br /> <br />February 7, 2012 <br />Subject: proposed OH Zoning Border development code changes <br />City Council & Staff of RPV: <br />I "the long time owner of a residential lot located on West Pomegranate Road, known as <br />APN 7572-017-019. Until December 2009, I was also the long time owner of the <br />adjacent property, APN 7572-017-018, also known as 3 West Pomegranate Road. I sold <br />that property to Mr. Ysidro Salinas. both of these properties have a OH zoning border <br />that cuts through the properties. Both sides of these border on the two properties are the <br />same conditions.... flat. There is no steep slope concerning these bounderies. To my best <br />knowledge, these dual zoning did not exist prior to the 1990's, as I did numerous title <br />searches over the years, and it was not until 1990s' that dual zoning appeared on the title <br />searches. Also, I remember previous zoning maps after the incorporation of RPV that <br />basically had these properties with singular RS -1 zoning and zoning followed property <br />lines. According to Bob Douglas, the geologist for ACLAD (which both these properties <br />are in), he believes that zoning was changed sometime in the 1980's. 6 <br />I believe it is a very positive change that is being proposed to the development code, as <br />OH zoning makes for some terrible consequences in neighboring setback rights, <br />financing and sale of properties and so on. I think wherever possible , zoning should be <br />singular for a property, and only bifurcated when there is some very good reason. I <br />scaled the survey done on both of these properties, and unfortunately, it does not look <br />like 100 feet will quite potentially move the OH border to the property line. My <br />calculations from the scaled survey show that 150' would just be enough to provide <br />singular zoning to these properties. I respectfully request that City Council & Staff <br />consider amending the proposed development change to 150" and I believe that all <br />affected properties in the city would then have potentially an easy solution to OH zoning <br />issues. Thank you for your time and attention. <br />Sincerely, Sepp Donahower <br />RECEIVED FROM <br />AND MADE A PART OF HE ECORD´┐Ż <br />COUNCIL MEETING OF <br />OFFICE OF THE CITY CL RK <br />CARLA MORREALE, CITY CLERK <br />