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Garage Sale Permits/Affidavits <br />Request for Garage Sale Permits/Affidavits to be required and that only one garage sale per <br />street address per individual may be allowed per 12 month period. <br />For more than 7 continuous weeks Garage Sales have been occurring on both Saturdays and/or <br />Sundays at RPV, CA 90275. <br />The neighbors have been disturbed from their sleep by the associated noise, cars have been <br />double parked, cars have been parked on the wrong side of the road, and the area looks like the <br />inner-city. While the vast majority of Peninsula residents respect their neighbors and do not <br />subject them to on-going garage sales, this is that one in 100,000 resident that does not seem to <br />have the capacity to realize that they are infringing on their neighbors. Based upon this situation <br />we are hereby requesting that the RPV City Council enact a Garage Sale Permit/Affidavit system <br />and we hereby submit a proposed Garage Sale Permit/Affidavit document. <br />Neighbor Name and Address <br />2. <br />3. <br />4. <br />n <br />n Avon <br />6. <br />7. - <br />8. <br />9. <br />RECEIVED FROM 7CITYCLERK <br />AND MADE A PART OF THE <br />COUNCIL MEETING OFOFFICE OF THCARLA MORREA <br />August 27, 2011 T h%c weg.:� <br />