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RECEIVED <br />CITY OF RANCHO PALOS VERDES <br />JUN 2 7 2011 <br />Defense of PlaceCITy CLERK'S OFFICE <br />Defense of Place Statement: <br />Save Lower Point Vicente Park by Rejecting the Proposed Annenberg Building Project <br />Mr. Tom Long, Mayor <br />Mr. Ara Mihranian, AICP <br />City of Rancho Palos Verdes <br />30940 Hawthorne Boulevard <br />Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275 <br />Mayor Long and Mr. Mihranian: <br />The threat to Lower Point Vicente and the seeming disregard for the statutes that established the Park have <br />drawn the attention of Defense of Place, the nation's only organization founded to protect lands deeded for <br />public use that are vulnerable to sale, development and predatory changes. Defense of Place advocates for the <br />inviolability of the principle that lands donated or set aside "in perpetuity" should never be sacrificed for <br />economic or political motives. <br />Since 1997, Defense of Place has worked with citizens throughout the United States who become stewards of <br />lands betrayed by assigned protectors, whether government or private entities. <br />Our research of the Lower Point Vicente issue shows that oversight agencies and commissions have expressed <br />undeniable opposition to the Annenberg Foundation plans. Such opposition and the clear language affirming <br />the legal and natural legacy of Lower Point Vicente should bring confidence that the City of Rancho Palos <br />Verdes will cease consideration of any conversion of the parkland's character. However, the fact that staff <br />reviews and Council discussion continue despite these rebukes breaks that expectation. <br />Therefore, Defense of Place will be adding its voice and resources to ensure that the flora and fauna of this <br />unique coastal bluff park are not replaced by the glass and concrete of the huge, proposed Annenberg <br />development. <br />t� �— Nancy Graalman <br />IRECEIVED FROM g„��_,.,____ . Director <br />AND MADE A PART OF THE RECORD AT THE Defense of Place <br />COUNCIL MEETING OF G ®�t o � lo! June 21, 2011 <br />OFFICE OF THE CITY CLERK <br />CARLA MORREALE, CITY CLERK / Lei <br />' -/h I t -,:, -Fo 14.",p <br />Defense of Place -VA Project of The Resource Renewal Ins-titazte " ��# o-/ <br />187 E. Blithedale Avenuei„c_ Ppb <br />Mill Valley, CA 94941 -V 415. 515. 1616 <br />