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Carla Morreale <br />From: Stasys Petravicius [stasys1] <br />Sent: Tuesday, June 01, 2010 4:46 PM <br />To: <br />Cc: Stasys Petravicius <br />Subject: June 1, 2010 Council Meeting Agenda Item #3 - Grant proposal for Abalone Cove Shoreline <br />Park <br />Honorable RPV Council Members: <br />I was made aware of this Grant Proposal request a few days ago. Should not ample time be <br />provided to citizens to review this proposal and comment? <br />Have the three major neighborhoods adjacent to the park - Portuguese Bend, West Portuguese <br />Bend Community Association and Upper Abalone Cove Association been notified and given time <br />to comment? Will they be? <br />Is this project as described ( 8 - 10,000 sq. ft. building, resurfaced parking lot, trail <br />upgrades, cameras for viewing shoreline activity, ranger facility, sheriffs facility <br />etc.) necessary? I know the parking lot requires maintenance as does the primitive trail <br />to the ocean from the park, but the building may be a duplicate effort to the PVIC (which <br />is relatively close by and has a lot of the proposed infrastructure (exhibit space, <br />lecture room, outdoor amphitheatre)). <br />Also- the park as it stands today is pretty much an open visual corridor and in a quite <br />natural state. To start building, redoing the parking lot, and start with other uses for <br />the park would change the natural ambiance of the park. Also- as we all know- the geology <br />there is quite fragile. <br />Respectfully, <br />Stasys Petravicius <br />RPV resident <br />1 <br />