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INITIATIVE TESTIMONY - COUNCIL <br />APRIL . 2010 <br />Forty years ago this month "Save Our Coastline" (SOC) was incorporated. <br />Its purpose was to gain Local Control of the then unincorporated portion of <br />the Palos Verdes Peninsula. At that time eight large developers controlled <br />38% of the value of the land in that area and essentially did whatever they <br />wanted. Their plan, if accomplished, would have more than doubled the <br />41,000 plus population to an estimated 96,000 in our city alone. After a 3 year <br />battle requiring changes in the law as to how cities were incorporated, over <br />80% of the registered voters overwhelmingly voted to create Rancho Palos <br />Verdes. Local control of development was now vested in the new city. <br />Two major goals were identified by a committee of over 250 citizens in the <br />Goals Report of 1974 which were reaffirmed in the Goals Report of 2002. <br />Those goals were: One, control development to achieve low density and two <br />the preservation of open space. The city, after some 37 years, is all but built <br />out with a growth of only just over 1,000 people. Recent acquisitions and low <br />density developments, with view corridors, have retained most of the open <br />space. We can proudly state that the goals are being achieved. <br />Today a petition is being circulated to put an initiative on the ballot to <br />overthrow our city's hard fought goal for local control. This initiative drive is <br />for the benefit of a single applicant. There would be no city oversight. The <br />city's only function would be ministerial. The city staff would be required to <br />issue the grading and building permits. The proposed development would <br />also include high density housing in a residential area. Both of these fly in the <br />RECEIVE=FA <br />�--�AND MARECORD AT HPage 1 of 2 <br />C:/data/ken/civic/initiative 040610 COUNCIRTY CLERK 'rik!�(CGmCCITY CLERK �j <br />