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Citizen Legislature Project <br />Join Citizens for California Reform in <br />our effort to bring accountability back <br />to Sacramento by returning California <br />to a Part Time Legislature. <br />California Part -Time Legislature Initiative <br />Since statehood, California has experimented with how frequently and for what periods of <br />time the Legislature should meet in session. Sessions have been one year or two years, <br />limited and unlimited in duration, with and without mandatory intervening recesses, and <br />limited to certain legislative matters during specific types of legislative sessions. <br />The biggest change came in 1966 when California voters enacted a sweeping revision of the <br />State Constitution, including a provision providing for a full-time Legislature with no limitation <br />on the duration of a legislative session. <br />Our full-time Legislature has failed the people of California. The result is a Legislature domi- <br />nated by career politicians beholden to special interests. A part-time Legislature will replace <br />professional politicians with citizen legislators and break the stranglehold of these special <br />interests. <br />Full-time politicians are completely out of touch with the people they represent. By shortening <br />the legislative season, we will take power away from Sacramento and return it to our local <br />communities to ensure that legislators have a better sense of the needs of their communities. <br />By returning to a part-time Citizen Legislature, representatives will meet in limited regular <br />session then return to their respective districts to live, and work under the rules they make, <br />among the people they represent bringing real life experiences to the Legislature. <br />Citizens for California Reform has filed proposed ballot initiative language with the state's <br />Attorney General to create a part-time, citizen -legislature and reduces legislative session and <br />legislators' pay by at least 50%. <br />The Citizen Legislature Act is a constitutional amendment initiative which outlines a legislative <br />session, which will convene in regular session on the first Monday in January of each year for <br />a period not to exceed 30 calendar days. The Legislature will then reconvene in regular <br />session on the first Monday in May for a period not to exceed 60 calendar days and 5 days <br />thereafter to consider bills vetoed by the Governor. The Act also reduces legislative pay by at <br />least 50% and can only be increased through cost of living adjustments. <br />For more information please visit: <br />RECEIVED FROM 9 <br />AND ft9A®E A PARI' OF TI IE O D Al THE <br />COUNCIL MEETING C f <br />OFFICE OF THE CITY CLERK <br />CARLA MORFIEALE, CITY CLERK <br />