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0 0 <br /> 0 Qk. <br /> ADDENDUM TO JOINT POWERS AGREEMENT TO PROVIDE <br /> FOR INTER-AGENCY COOPERATION IN A MAJOR NATURAL OR <br /> MAN-MADE DISASTER WITHIN THE DISASTER MANAGEMENT AREA G <br /> This addendum is hereby incorporated in the Joint Powers Agreement (Agreement) <br /> for Disaster Management Area G to grant the Board authority regarding the purchase of <br /> emergency supplies by a member City. <br /> The Board is authorized and instructed by the parties to this Agreement to enter <br /> into contingent purchase agreements with commercial vendors for equipment, materials, <br /> and supplies which the member cities could purchase with City funds in the event of an <br /> emergency or disaster. These contingent purchase agreements will be for the use by the <br /> member City should the member City determine the use of said agreements necessary. <br /> Disaster Management Area G will not make any purchases under these contingency <br /> purchase agreements. <br /> Name of Party: Y of Rancho Palos Verdes <br /> "---., ,......... "--N, <br /> By: Date: ci /9-i/GC, <br /> Les Evans, City Manager <br />