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RANCHO PALOS VERDES CITY COUNCIL <br />AGENDA REPORT <br />AGENDA DESCRIPTION: <br />MEETING DATE: 09/05/2017 <br />AGENDA HEADING: Consent Calendar <br />Consideration and possible action to authorize a project budget increase for the Storm <br />Drain Point Repair Project. <br />RECOMMENDED COUNCIL ACTION: <br />(1) Authorize the Director of Public Works to execute a change order to the <br />professional services contract with Interwest Consulting Group in the amount of <br />$32,250. <br />FISCAL IMPACT: The recommended action will result in an additional authorized <br />expenditure of $32,250. The total authorized expenditure will increase from $2,123,600 <br />to $2,155,850. The funding necessary to complete this work is available in the Capital <br />Improvement Program Fund Balance. <br />Amount Budgeted: <br />Additional Appropriation: <br />Account Number(s): <br />$2,123,600 <br />$32,250 <br />330-400-8702-8802- <br />ORIGINATED <br />30-400-8702-8802 <br />ORIGINATED BY: Charles Eder, PE, Associate Engineer 0-" <br />REVIEWED BY: Nicole Jules, PE, Deputy Director of Public Works <br />APPROVED BY: Doug Willmore, City Manager �,— <br />ATTACHED SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS: <br />A. Request for additional appropriation for Interwest Consulting Group (page <br />A-1) <br />B. Draft Change Order #1 (page B-1) <br />BACKGROUND AND DISCUSSION: <br />A project budget for the Storm Drain Point Repair Project was authorized on May 16, <br />2017, and funds appropriated for construction and professional services agreement by <br />City Council in the amount of $2,123,600. On May 16, 2017, City Council awarded a <br />professional services contract for construction management and inspection services to <br />Interwest Consulting Group in the amount of $35,000. <br />On June 30, 2017, a kickoff meeting was held to review the particulars of the project. In <br />going over the schedule and tasks, the Contractor, (G.B. Cooke, Inc.) asked for 10 <br />additional working days to complete the project. Staff concurred with the additional <br />working days, without an increase in the construction budget. The Construction <br />1 <br />