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TENTATIVE AGENDAS" <br />**This list is a tool used by the City to plan and coordinate Council agendas. As a working document, items on this list are subject to frequent changes. <br />**Time Estimates include an hour for the first section of the agenda (Mayor's Announcements, Public Comments, etc. through the Consent Calendar) and 15 <br />minutes for the last section (Future Agenda Items through Adjournment). <br />DEPARTMENT AGENDA SECTION <br />AGENDA TITLE <br />ESTIMATED TIME <br />May 2, 2017 00 PM <br />REGULAR BUSINESS <br />CITY COUNCILD• REGULAR MEETING <br />Interviews for the Civic Center Advisory Committee <br />May 2, 2017 00 PM <br />CLOSED SESSION <br />May 2, 2017 00 PM <br />MAYOR ANNOUNCEMENTS <br />CITY COUNCIL• • <br />NONE SCHEDULED AT THIS TIME <br />CITY COUNCILA• MEETING <br />NONE SCHEDULED AT THIS TIME <br />3:45 HRS:MINS <br />CONSENT CALENDAR <br />NONE SCHEDULED AT THIS TIME <br />1:00 <br />PUBLIC HEARING <br />NONE SCHEDULED ATTHIS TIME <br />0:00 <br />ADMIN REGULAR BUSINESS <br />IT S -year Strategic Plan Review <br />0:20 <br />ADMIN REGULAR BUSINESS <br />Consider Update Council Goals and Priorities <br />0:20 <br />ADMIN REGULAR BUSINESS <br />Western Ave Cameras <br />0:30 <br />REC & PARKS REGULAR BUSINESS <br />PVIC Lighting and Parking Solutions <br />0:20 <br />REC & PARKS REGULAR BUSINESS <br />Options for Conqueror Trail Security; Special Event Enforcement Ordinance; <br />Preserve Permitted Uses; Public Drinking Ordinance <br />1:00 <br />May 16, 2017 00 PM <br />CLOSED SESSION <br />CITY COUNCIL•SESSION <br />NONE SCHEDULED AT THIS TIME <br />REGULAR BUSINESS <br />Study Session <br />