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RANCHO PALOS VERDES CITY COUNCIL <br />AGENDA REPORT <br />AGENDA DESCRIPTION: <br />MEETING DATE: 04/18/2017 <br />AGENDA HEADING: Consent Calendar <br />Consideration and possible action to approve the purchase of two mobile Automated <br />License Plate Recognition (ALPR) camera speed trailers for the Eastview <br />neighborhoods adjacent to Western Avenue. <br />RECOMMENDED COUNCIL ACTION: <br />(1) Approve the purchase of two mobile Automated License Plate Recognition <br />(ALPR) camera speed trailers for the Eastview neighborhoods adjacent to <br />Western Avenue. <br />FISCAL IMPACT: An additional appropriation of $120,000 is required to immediately <br />purchase two mobile ALPR camera speed trailers (approximately $60,000 each) while <br />Staff continues to work on the Western Avenue camera project with Southern California <br />Edison (SCE). <br />Amount Budgeted: <br />Additional Appropriation <br />Account Number(s): <br />$376,500 <br />$120,000 <br />101-400-6120-8201 � <br />ORIGINATED BY: Gabriella Yap, Deputy City Manager.. <br />REVIEWED BY: Same as above <br />APPROVED BY: Doug Willmore, City Manager <br />BACKGROUND AND DISCUSSION: <br />The Western Avenue ALPR Subcommittee, comprised of Mayor Pro Tem Duhovic and <br />Councilman Dyda, met recently with Staff to discuss the Western Avenue ALPR project <br />that had been approved by the City Council at its December 20, 2016, meeting. Staff is <br />currently in discussions with Southern California Edison (SCE) to allow the City to co - <br />locate ALPR cameras on their poles. SCE is determining if the cameras can be <br />mounted using SCE's existing WiFi tariff. If not, SCE has begun writing the business <br />case to file with the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) for permission to <br />create a new tariff. <br />In the meantime, the Subcommittee felt strongly about continuing to take steps to <br />protect the Eastview area of the City by deploying mobile ALPR speed trailers. Staff <br />looked into options for borrowing or renting units, but the Sheriff's Department does not <br />have available units with the same ALPR technology available to loan, and Vigilant <br />Solutions (the City's ALPR contractor) does not rent these units. However, purchasing <br />additional ALPR speed trailers for use until the fixed cameras are mounted would be <br />1 <br />