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TENTATIVE AGENDAS* <br />*This list is a tool used by the City to plan and coordinate Council agendas. As a working <br />document, items on this list are subject to frequent changes. <br />Note: Time Estimates include 30 minutes for the first section of the agenda (Mayor's <br />Announcements, etc. through the Consent Calendar) and 15 minutes for the last section <br />(Future Agenda Items through Adjournment). <br />July 5, 2016 — (Time Est. — 3 hrs 30 mins) <br />Closed Session: City Manager Performance Evaluation <br />Mayor's Announcements: Parks and Recreation Month <br />City Manager Report: 4th of July Celebration Report <br />Consent <br />Consider Award Contract -Labor & Equip. of Landscaping, Gen. Main., Litter & Trash Servs. <br />Consider Award of Contract for Traffic Signal Maintenance <br />Consider Award of On -Call Contracts <br />Consider Award of Contract for CDBG Administrative Services <br />Consider Award of PSA for Traffic Sign Inventory, Assessments and Cost Est Program <br />Consider Award of Contract for Public Works Inspection Services <br />Consider Award of Contract for Fuel Modification Services by Grazing <br />Consider Award of Contract to LA Conservation Corps for At -Risk Youth <br />Consider Award of Contract for Tree Trimming Services <br />Consider ESA Consultant Contract for General Plan Update <br />Consider Award of PSA for Grant Management Services <br />Consider Adoption of Ordinance No. 582 — Rescinding OPEN Ordinance <br />Consider Adoption of Ord—Establishing a Proc. for Trimming/Removal of City Tree <br />Public Hearings <br />Consider Intro Ord. -Fees for Appeals by Residents of Wireless Telecom Facility Apps. (30 mins) <br />Regular Business <br />Consider Representation on the PVPLC Board (20 mins) <br />Consider Arterial Walls and Fences Update (45 mins) <br />Consider Coyote Status Update and Mitigation Program (15 mins) <br />Consider Status Report on PVDE "Switchbacks" Zero Tolerance Plan (20 mins) <br />Consider Helicopter Noise Issues (10 mins) <br />Consider Adoption of Special Events Permit Fee (15 mins) <br />Consider Initiation to Terminate Dedication Easement - Elkmont Canyon (10 mins) <br />July 19, 2016 — (Time Est. — 2 hrs 30 mins) <br />Closed Session: <br />Mayor's Announcements: <br />1 <br />