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CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF FISH AND GAME <br /> 330 Golden Shore, Suite 50 <br /> Long Beach, California 90802 <br /> Notification No. 5-263-99 August 4, 2000 <br /> Page 1 of 5 <br /> AGREEMENT REGARDING PROPOSED STREAM OR LAKE ALTERATION <br /> THIS AGREEMENT, entered into between the State of California, Department of Fish and Game, <br /> hereinafter called the Department, and Dean Allison of City of Rancho Palos Verdes, 30940 <br /> Hawthorne Blvd., Rancho Palos Verdes, 90275, State of California, Phone (310) 541-6500, hereinafter <br /> called the Operator, is as follows: <br /> WHEREAS, pursuant to Section 1601 of California Fish and Game Code, the Operator, on the 3' <br /> day of September, 1999, notified the Department that they intend to divert or obstruct the natural flow <br /> of, or change the bed, channel, or-.;bank of, or use material from the.streambed(s)_of, the following <br /> water(s): Altamira Canyon Creek, tributary to the Pacific Ocean, Los Angeles County, California (1997 <br /> Los Angeles and Orange Counties Thomas Guide, Page 823 Bx4). Additional information was <br /> submitted by the Operator on 26 May 2000 as required by the Department. <br /> WHEREAS, the Department (represented by Leslie S. MacNair through a site visit on June 19, 1998 <br /> and subsequent information received May 26, 2000) has determined that such construction may <br /> substantially adversely affect those existing fish and wildlife resources within Altamira Canyon Creek, <br /> specifically identified as follows: Invertebrates: Palos Verdes blue butterfly, El Segundo blue butterfly, <br /> and Palos Verdes ground beetle, Amphibians: slender salamander, western toad, Pacific chorus frog, <br /> and Pacific tree frog; Reptiles: coast horned lizard, western fence lizard, side-blotched lizard, western <br /> whiptail lizard, southern alligator lizard, Pacific rattlesnake,gopher snake, western garter snake, <br /> coachwhip, racer, and common kingsnake; Birds: California gnatcatcher, San Diego cactus wren, <br /> California and rufous-sided towhees, American crow, blue-gray gnatcatcher, western meadowlark, <br /> black phoebe, western kingbird, black-shouldered kite, Cooper hawk, red-tailed hawk, American <br /> kestrel, great horned owl, loggerhead shrike, phainopepla, , northern oriole, house finch, lesser <br /> •oldfinch bushtit Bewick wren killdeer California •uail mournin• dove Allen's hummin•bird northern <br /> flicker, scrub jy, northern mockingbird, orange-crowned warbler, finches, and sparrows (song, white- <br /> crowned, and house); Mammals: desert cottontail, raccoon, opossum, skunk, coyote, California ground <br /> squirrel, mice (Dulzura Pocket mouse, deer mouse, northwestern San Diego pocket mouse, San Diego <br /> desert woodrat, and western harvest mouse), and pocket gopher; Vegetation which provides habitat for <br /> those species: coastal sage scrub (lemonadeberry, California sagebrush, purple sage, California <br /> buckwheat, coyote brush, black sage, and others), non-native woodland habitat (Brazilian pepper, <br /> myoporumi and acacia), and Seacliff buckwheat: and all other fish and wildlife resources, including that <br /> riparian vegetation which provides habitat for such species, in the area. <br /> THEREFORE, the Department hereby proposes measures to protect fish and wildlife resources <br /> during the Operator's work. The Operator hereby agrees to accept the following measures/conditions <br /> as part of the proposed work. <br /> If the Operator's work changes from that stated in the notification specified above, this Agreement is <br /> no longer valid and a new notification shall be submitted to the Department of Fish and Game. Failure <br /> to comply with the provisions of this Agreement and with other pertinent code sections, including but <br /> not limited to Fish and Game Code Sections 5650, 5652, 5937, and 5948, may result in prosecution. <br /> Nothing in this Agreement authorizes the Operator to trespass on any land or property, nor does it <br /> relieve the Operator of responsibility for compliance with applicable federal, state, or local laws or <br /> ordinances. A consummated Agreement does not constitute Department of Fish and Game <br /> endorsement of the proposed operation, or assure the Department's concurrence with permits required <br /> from other agencies. <br />