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BUSINESS ASSOCIATE AGREEMENT <br /> This Business Associate Agreement (the "A reement" is made and entered into this TH g "Agreement") �8 day <br /> of 5E'TEMER. , 20 13, by and between Maniaci Insurance Services, Inc. ("Business <br /> Associate") and CrrY o� ?nHc�+oc.os ��("Covered Entity"). <br /> WHEREAS, Title II of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 <br /> ("HIPAA") requires that Covered Entity and Business Associate enter into an Agreement <br /> complying with certain requirements of HIPAA, as described at 45 CFR § 164.504; and <br /> WHEREAS, Company, acting on behalf of Covered Entity and as Plan Sponsor of Covered <br /> Entity, desires to ensure complete compliance with HIPAA as described in this Business <br /> Associate Agreement. <br /> NOW THEREFORE, Covered Entity and Business Associate enter into the following Business <br /> Associate Agreement. <br /> I. DEFINITIONS <br /> a. Specific definitions. <br /> (i) Data Aggregation. With respect to PHI created or received by Business Associate <br /> in its capacity as a Business Associate of Covered Entity, the term "Data <br /> Aggregation" means the combining of such PHI by Business Associate with PHI <br /> received by Business Associate in its capacity as business associate of another <br /> entity to permit data analyses that relate to the'health care operations of the <br /> respective entities. <br /> (ii) Designated Record Set. The term "Designated Record Set" means a group of <br /> records maintained by or for the Covered Entity that is: <br /> (A) The enrollment, payment, claims adjudication, and case or medical <br /> management record systems maintained by or for a health plan; or <br /> (B) Used by or for the Covered Entity to make decisions about Individuals. <br /> For purposes of this paragraph, the term"record"means any item, collection, or <br /> grouping of information that includes PHI and is maintained, collected, used, or <br /> disclosed by or for the Covered Entity. <br /> (iii) Individual. The term "Individual" shall have the same meaning as the term <br /> "individual" in 45 CFR §160.103, and shall include a person who qualifies as a <br /> personal representative in accordance with 45 CFR §164.502(g). <br /> ©2013 Fisher&Phillips LLP 1 <br />