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1110 <br /> Lig <br /> ITY coPALOSH <br /> OFFICE OF THE CITY CLERK <br /> December 16, 2005 <br /> Douglas R. Failing, <br /> District Director <br /> California Department of Transportation <br /> District No. 7 <br /> 100 S. Main Street <br /> Los Angeles, California 90012 <br /> Dear Mr. Failing: <br /> Pursuant to Street and Highway Code Section 688, the following notice is hereby <br /> given by the City of Rancho Palos Verdes. <br /> NOTICE OF INTENTION TO GRANT FRANCHISE <br /> NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that Southern California Gas Company, a California <br /> Corporation, has filed an application with the City of Rancho Palos Verdes <br /> requesting that the City Council grant to it a franchise for a twenty five (25) year <br /> period, pursuant to the Franchise Act of 1937, so that Southern California Gas <br /> Company can continue to lay and use pipes and appurtenances for transmitting <br /> and distributing gas for any and all purposes under, along, across, and upon the <br /> public highways and streets within the City. The proposed franchise will replace <br /> the 50-year franchise that was approved by Los Angeles County in 1955. <br /> If said franchise shall be granted to it, Southern California Gas Company, its <br /> successors and assigns, hereinafter designated grantee, shall during the life <br /> thereof pay to the City two per cent (2%) of the gross annual receipts of said <br /> grantee arising from the use, operation, or possession of said franchise; <br /> provided, however, that such payment shall in no event be less than on percent <br /> (1(Y0) of the gross annual receipts derived by grantee from the sale of gas <br /> (excepting sale for resale) within the limits of the City. Said percentage will be <br /> paid annually from the date of the granting of said franchise, and in the event <br /> such payment shall not be made, said franchise will be forfeited. <br /> The introduction and first reading of the franchise Ordinance No. 429, as well as <br /> the introduction and adoption Ordinance No. 430U, occurred on December 6, <br /> 2005. Second readings and adoption of Ordinance No. 429 will occur on <br /> December 20, 2005. A certified copies of Ordinance No. 430U is attached for <br /> your files. <br /> 30940 HAWTHORNE BLVD./RANCHO PALOS VERDES,CA 90275-5391/(310) 544-5208/FAX(310) 544-5291/WWW.PALOSVERDES.COM/RPV <br /> PRINTED ON RECYCLED PAPER <br />