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• <br /> JOINT POWERS A EEMENT TO PROVIDE FOR INT -AGENCY COOPERATION • <br /> IN MAJOR NATURAL OR MAN-MADE DISASTER o H <br /> H <br /> DISASTER MANAGEMENT AREA G IF <br /> Los Angeles County Operational Area z o <br /> 0 I-4 <br /> H <br /> O d <br /> O O• <br /> WHEREAS, natural or man-made disasters such as earthquakes, fires, floods, civil unres z g <br /> acts of terrorism or other physical manifestations may affect the peace, health, safety and genera FCT)3 <br /> welfare of large numbers of persons and extensive areas; and o <br /> z � <br /> H <br /> WHEREAS, the State of California has adopted the Standardized Emergency Managemer <br /> emer <br /> System ("SEMS") pursuant to Title 19, Division 2 of the State's Code of Regulations requiring <br /> local governments within a county geographic area to be organized into a single Operational Area <br /> and <br /> WHEREAS, in accordance with SEMS, the Board of Supervisors of the County of Los <br /> Angeles established the Los Angeles County Operational Area ("Operational Area") on July 5, 1995, <br /> with the County of Los Angeles serving as the lead agency of the Los Angeles County Operational <br /> Area; and <br /> WHEREAS, to enable the Los Angeles County Operational Area to accomplish the objectives <br /> of SEMS by promoting greater efficiencies in disaster management, planning, training, and <br /> preparedness, it is essential to coordinate the efforts of the cities within the Los Angeles County <br /> Operational Area; and <br /> WHEREAS, such coordination can be accomplished by cooperative management, planning, <br /> training, and preparedness action through responsible agencies prior to the time disaster response <br /> is required; and <br /> WHEREAS, there have been established Disaster Management Areas (previously known as <br /> "Civil Defense Areas") within the Los Angeles County Operational Area, each having a Disaster <br /> Management Area Coordinator who serves as a representative on the Operational Area Advisory <br /> Board to facilitate communication between the cities and the Operational Area; and <br /> WHEREAS, the parties to this Agreement are located within Disaster Management Area G <br /> of the Los Angeles County Operational Area and, therefore, have mutual interests and objectives <br /> to accomplish with reference to disaster management, planning, training and preparedness within <br /> said Area G; and <br /> WHEREAS, the power to prepare for and mitigate natural or man-made disasters, and the <br /> power to act in case of emergency or disaster, are all powers common to the parties to this <br /> Agreement; and <br /> WHEREAS, that in order to efficiently and adequately exercise the powers hereinabove <br /> referred to, it is essential that skilled personnel, charged with the duty of coordinating disaster <br /> management efforts, should be provided in order to obtain maximum benefits; and <br />